2024 is shaping up to be the year of Human Risk Management.

Industry analysts like Forrester just announced the first Forrester Wave for Human Risk Management. As Security Awareness and Training continues to evolve into HRM, we're excited to bring together the growing HRM community for HRMCon. 

Each year, HRMCon brings together cybersecurity thought leaders and practitioners for a virtual conference geared toward continuously evolving the power of behavior change in mitigating risks. This year we'll be offering four exciting conference tracks focused on identifying human risks and protecting the workforce. 

Join us for the 3rd Annual Human Risk Management Conference. Registration is open!

Human Risk Management Conference Keynote Speakers

Brian Krebs

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Jinan Budge


VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester

David Kennedy

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Founder and CEO, Trusted Sec

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The Future Is Now: Introducing Human Risk Management. This is not just a name change. It is a significant change of mindset, strategy, process, and technology about how we approach an old problem in a new world.

Jinan Budge


Conference Tracks

Choose from four exciting conference tracks. 

1. Human Risk Quantification

Detect and measure human security behaviors by identifying vigilant and vulnerable members of your workforce. Use data from your existing identity and security tools to quantify human risk across the full spectrum of security risks including account compromise, data loss, malware, phishing, social engineering, and training compliance.

2. Risk-Based Policy & Training Interventions

Initiate policy and training interventions based upon human risk. Interventions should be based on best practices and provide next steps that can be taken in real-time to address risk such as nudges, reminders, microlearning modules, and policy changes (such as updating passwords).

3. Workforce Education and Enablement

Educate and enable the workforce to protect against cybersecurity risks. Empower individual employees, managers, and executives to measure progress and track vigilance across teams and departments.

4. Positive Security Culture

Build a positive security culture by empowering your workforce to actively participate in security vigilance, eliminate needless compliance activity, and incorporate intelligent capabilities that simplify security compliance.

Call for Abstracts

Are you an expert or thought leader who wants to share your insights and shape the future of human-centric cybersecurity?


Living Security invites you to submit your abstract now for consideration. Don't miss the chance to be a part of HRMCon's 2024 speaker lineup and let your voice be heard in the dynamic landscape of Human Risk Management!

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