Human Risk Management. Simplified.

Living Security unlocks new value from your existing security investments by integrating and correlating disparate behavioral data & events with identities.

  • Identify cyber risks across your workforce.
  • Protect with nudges, training, and AI orchestrations.
  • Report results showing increased workforce vigilance.

Empower employees, managers, and executives to create a positive security culture that identifies risks and protects against them before breaches occur.

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Human Risk Management

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Dive into the largest HRM conference of 2024 with over 20 expert keynotes, presentations, and roundtables across four conference tracks.

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HRM Readiness Session

Evaluate how your security goals, programs, and IT tools can strengthen your human risk management initiatives.

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We do the work. You get the credit. Our turnkey program gives you access to unique training experiences, and content to use all month long. 

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Empower your Workforce. Mitigate Risk. Embrace HRM.

Human Risk Management (HRM) is the process of identifying, assessing, and mitigating risks associated with human behavior in relation to an employee's use of technology.

The modern attack surface expanded with digital transformation and the post- pandemic shift to a remote or hybrid workforce. Today more than 89% of all security incidents involve a human element. Cybersecurity is not a technical challenge. It's a human challenge.

HRM transforms how CISOs, Security Awareness & Training, Governance, Risk & Compliance, and SOC & IR teams work together. With HRM they identify security vulnerabilities and protect from human risks to the “left of boom”, before an incident.

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The Unify HRM Platform:

Creating a Virtuous Cycle of Human Risk Management

Unify drives your security programming beyond traditional training, awareness, and phishing campaigns. It actively measures and monitors human behavior, identifying real risk to protect from incidents and policy violations in real time.

Combined with Living Security’s industry-leading training and phishing, Unify goes beyond compliance-based SAT to active risk reduction. With Unify you can easily deploy personalized nudges, training, and policy changes to those who need it and report reductions in risk over time.

Unify empowers employees, managers, and executives with actionable scorecards that foster a positive security culture, boost employee confidence, and drive safer, more vigilant security behaviors. 

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Leading Organizations Trust Living Security

Living Security is a leader in the most recent Forrester Wave for Security Awareness and Training, is a pioneer in Human Risk Management, and is trusted by hundreds of organizations worldwide.

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Human Risk Management Ask Me Anything Series
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Ready to see it in action?

Fortune 500 companies trust Living Security to deliver human risk management by using existing data to identify risky employees or teams and target immersive training to those who need it most, keeping organizations ahead of breaches and enabling them to track their progress toward a better security posture. This proactive, automated, efficient approach saves resources while keeping employees and data safe.

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