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Quantify progress and ROI of your security programming

Promote a proactive culture of security vigilance spanning your entire organization, from individual employees and managers to executives and the board.

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You can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Use scorecards and reports for employees, managers, and executives to foster a security-conscious culture, boost employee confidence and drive safer, more productive behaviors to stop cyber attacks from disrupting your business.

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Employee Scorecards

Create a security-first culture by equipping your employees with their personalized risk scorecards to develop an understanding of how their behaviors impact overall organizational security and what vigilant activities they can adopt to improve their scores. This is also a fun way to inspire competition across teams or segments to reward vigilance, create a positive security culture, and improve the cybersecurity team’s internal brand. 

Platform Report - Manager Reporting

Manager Reporting

Create broader alignment with leadership teams using intuitive dashboards and reports. Present risk data and trends to easily share with senior leadership to create alignment and to demonstrate the impact of the security team’s efforts overtime. View report results directly from Unify without spending hours manually correlating data from each of your cybersecurity tools. 

Platform Report - Executive Reporting

Board and Executive Reporting

Improve executive alignment by translating human risk into a language that your executives and board understand. Gain board-level buy-in by demonstrating the impact of human risk on overall security posture and business impact. More easily secure the alignment and resources you need to drive change and improve your security posture. 

Take a holistic approach
to Human Risk Management

icon-identify Identify

Predict internal risk by integrating data from your existing security tools to identify vigilant and vulnerable members of your workforce across the full spectrum of security risks including identity threats, data loss, malware, phishing, and social engineering.

icon-protect Protect

Educate and enable the workforce to protect against cyberattacks by initiating policy and training interventions powered by AI recommendations through nudges that accelerate behavior change with step-by-step guidance.

icon-report Report

Promote a positive culture of security vigilance. Empower employees, managers, and executives with actionable scorecards that foster a security-conscious culture, boost employee confidence, and drive safer, more vigilant security behaviors.
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What is overwhelming our security organizations is the risky human behaviors and daily human incidents. These smaller missteps are happening millions of times a day and if you want to lower the onerous demand on your security team, you need to focus on Human Risk Management.

CISO, VillageMD


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