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CyberEscape Online

Foster Friendly Competition and a Positive Security Culture

Unleash the power of team building and interactive learning with Living Security’s immersive and virtual training that is scientifically proven to increase retention by 16X.

Learning by doing puts your team in the center of security scenarios

Join other leading organizations who have found a fun and unique way to bring departments or teams together for immersive training that sticks - creating lasting memories and hyper vigilant employees. Choose from a variety of storylines that keep employees engaged in learning through solving puzzles, challenges, and games - that are designed to be completed as a team.

Magnify Engagement & Retention

Bring together virtual teams in an immersive environment by participating in a variety of highly entertaining simulated scenarios, allowing them to actively practice responses to security threats. This hands-on approach leads to better retention.

Demonstrate Organizational ROI

Train large groups across the globe at a fraction of the cost while keeping the training unique and entertaining using any one of the interactive experiences available at your disposal.
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Improve Skills Development

Virtual simulations allow employees to experiment with different security measures and response strategies in a safe, controlled environment. This practical application helps them develop critical thinking and decision-making skills in real-world situations.

Dive into digital adventures with CyberEscape Online

Explore the many options available in Living Security’s online library of the latest plot-driven experiences made with a cybersecurity twist. You’re guaranteed that the interactive and immersive training you choose will keep your employees engaged and excited to learn about security best practices. Check out our complete library below.

Born Secure: Entrance Exam

Jacob Webb never considered a life as a cyber-operative until he was hand-picked as a candidate for a government-funded training program. Now, Jacob needs to pass an Entrance Exam and needs your help to join the ranks of one of the most elite units in the world

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Born Secure: Webb of Lies

Jacob Webb has escaped a life he never asked for as an operative in a morally dubious, underground organization called The Group…but even Webb can’t take down The Group alone and needs your help to find cyber weaknesses to exploit.

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Critical Mass

Join the elite cyber investigation’s team in pursuit of an insider threat at Gizmo Corporation. The cybercriminal is trying to divert payroll funds to fund their own account. The investigation starts here.

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The Cyber Race

With $1 million in crypto on the line, teams of two put their cybersecurity knowledge to the test in this race around the world. Find clues to uncover crumbs left behind by cybercriminals in the hunt for hackers.

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Cybersecurity Tonight

Welcome to the Late Night Tonight show where you’ll hear from cyber celebrities about the latest trends in cybercrime and as part of the audience, you will be tested on the topics in a fun and relevant format.

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Healthcare Cyber Checkup

Join the staff of a hospital where you’ll play a major role in solving real-life cyber challenges aligned to HIPAA in an effort to protect the safety and privacy of patients and the hospital’s reputation.

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Secure My Life

Join the experts from cyber makeover show and help freelance writer Johan figure out his options to handle ransomware discovered on his computer before he loses all of his work and images.

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See why CyberEscape Online is becoming the new normal

CyberEscape Online revolutionizes employee engagement with interactive, gamified experiences. Here’s why it’s the new way to train:
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Ready to boost engagement with immersive cybersecurity training?

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It is wonderful and surprising to hear how well espionage ties into cybersecurity and it was interesting to hear a different spin that I've never heard in my years in cybersecurity. We really enjoyed it!

Julia Plotkina, University of Southern California

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