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Living Security’s Unify HRM Platform uses data from your existing IT Security tools to give you a holistic view into the combination of cyber risks your workforce faces every day. It highlights your riskiest and most vigilant employees, so you can protect your riskiest users with personalized nudges, training, and policy changes. Simultaneously reduce unnecessary friction for your most vigilant users by eliminating unnecessary controls and training. It's a proactive approach that helps you take the most efficient steps to move towards an adaptive human security approach while enabling the business to address security challenges.

Orchestrate and democratize
human risk management with Unify

icon-identify Identify Human Risk

Predict internal risk by integrating data from your existing security tools to identify vigilant and vulnerable members of your workforce across the full spectrum of security risks including identity threats, data loss, malware, phishing, and social engineering.

icon-protect Protect Against Cyber Threats

Educate and enable the workforce to protect against cyberattacks by initiating policy and training interventions powered by AI recommendations through nudges that accelerate behavior change with step-by-step guidance.

icon-report Report on Risk Trends

Promote a positive culture of security vigilance. Empower employees, managers, and executives with actionable scorecards that foster a security-conscious culture, boost employee confidence, and drive safer, more vigilant security behaviors.
Platform Overview - Identify

icon-identify Identify

For the first time, see data from all your cybersecurity technologies correlated to individuals, teams, locations, and roles. No wrangling reports from various tools, with Unify you get more value from your technology investments to make informed decisions

In a single pane of glass, Unify provides deep insights into which employees are taking risks. Is the Accounting team clicking on phishing emails? Is the Cleveland office "working around" their MFA? Do you have a group of vigilant security champions that need recognition? These insights fuel conversations that drive understanding and next actions.

Platform Overview - Protect

icon-protect Protect

Initiate action plans that include nudges, training, and policy interventions based on human risk. Save time with an AI recommendation engine using proven best practices that provide next steps and communication templates to guide employees to self-address behavior.

Educate and enable the workforce to protect themselves and their organization from security incidents. Build cyber-aware champions with personalized, engaging training and customized phishing campaigns that empower employees to identify and thwart threats early and often. 

Streamline workflows with a simple click to turn tedious and repetitive policy playbook updates into automated modifications in policies spanning passwords, MFA, data and network access, and more. 

Platform Overview - Report

icon-report (1) Report

Proactively identify risk trends with correlated identity and event insights to bolster your human defense and security controls to outmaneuver cyber threats before they strike. 

Create a security-first culture with individualized scorecards and ownership of risk to promote vigilance that is woven into every decision, proactively mitigating risks before they become incidents. 

Finally, show ROI with tailored reports that equip stakeholders at all levels with the data and insights needed to prioritize and act on HRM initiatives. 

Promote a positive culture of security vigilance. Use scorecards and reports for employees, managers, and executives to foster a security-conscious culture, boost employee confidence and drive safer, more productive behaviors.

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The Unify Human Risk Management platform offers multiple options that enable you to rapidly start your HRM journey with Unify Go and progressively grow in minimizing the full scope of workforce vulnerabilities with Unify Enterprise.

Unify Go

Easily transition from compliance-based security awareness, training, and phishing to risk-based identification and protection of your workforce.

Start your journey to HRM here.

Monitor risk by:

  • Email Security
  • Phishing
  • Security Training Compliance

Unify Enterprise

Extend Human Risk Management beyond email, phishing, and training to include the full scope of cybersecurity risks employees face.

Covers risk in Unify Go and adds:

  • Data Loss
  • Identity Threats
  • Malware & Ransomware

Organizations spend billions on cybersecurity technology, yet 80% of security breaches result from human actions. Human risk management looks at how your users take risks every day, highlighting the riskiest employees. This data comes from the technologies you already own, then shows it to you at a person, team, or role level.

When you see your riskiest users, you can take swift action—more training, new policies—and make the biggest impact on security by focusing on these users and ignoring more vigilant ones.

It's a proactive approach that helps you take the most efficient steps to improve your security posture. Unify by Living Security leads the industry in human risk management. 

By understanding the context and risk level of individuals or teams, you can deploy training only to those who actually need it. Positive reinforcement and healthy competition help you cultivate and reinforce a vigilant security culture. By engaging the workforce with risk mitigation targeted to an individual’s behaviors, scorecards, and risk, they more clearly understand the impact of their actions in the moment and make lasting behavior changes.

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Fortune 500 companies trust Living Security to deliver human risk management by using existing data to identify risky employees or teams and target immersive training to those who need it most, keeping organizations ahead of breaches and enabling them to track their progress toward a better security posture. This proactive, automated, efficient approach saves resources while keeping employees and data safe.

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