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Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Plan Now for a Great October

Launch engaging and impactful training experiences all month long with Living Security's turnkey Cybersecurity Awareness Month program. Access a diverse collection of unique training content, including fascinating keynote speakers discussing captivating topics like espionage, generational differences, and artificial intelligence.

Test Drive Training

Use Pre-Built Content to Create a Cyber Vigilant Workforce

Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October promotes online security awareness—educating individuals, organizations, and governments about emerging threats, best practices, and data protection. It empowers entities to safeguard their digital infrastructure.
Living Security’s comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Month program includes everything you need to tailor the learning to your employees including:
  • Planning and promotional tools to launch training in minutes
  • 20+ courses of weekly themed content available for use all year
  • Your choice of keynote speakers to schedule your live session
  • Access to Hollywood-style interactive training

Fascinating Keynote Speakers

Our award-winning speakers cover an array of topics including espionage, generational differences, A.I., and more.

Turnkey Program

Utilize a complete program that includes role & industry-specific content for a variety of communication channels including blog posts, webinars, video, and social media.

Full Year of Content

Get year-long access to interactive training sessions, simulations, and gamification that make cybersecurity learning engaging, practical, and memorable.
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Since working with Living Security, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is way, way easier than it used to be. Our team used to lose sleep every October. We see higher-than-expected engagement with the speakers and training provided in the Living Security CSAM program.

Alaina DeGregory, Enterprise Risk & Governance
Human Risk Management


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Human Risk Management Ask Me Anything Series
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What Is Human Risk Management? Why Should Cybersecurity Pros Care?
Human Risk Management Maturity Model


Human Risk Management Maturity Model

Why Living Security

Fortune 500 companies trust Living Security to deliver human risk management by using existing data to identify risky employees or teams and target immersive 
training to those who need it most. This approach keeps organizations ahead of breaches and enables them to track their progress toward a better security posture. This proactive, automated, efficient approach saves resources while keeping employees and data safe.

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