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Ask Me Anything

We’re excited to announce a new monthly AMA series focused on all things Human Risk Management. The HRM AMA series brings together the industry’s top HRM experts with the broader cybersecurity community. Each month we’ll focus on a different topic that will help security professionals to develop, implement, and grow successful HRM programs for their organizations.

Monthly Topics:

  • August 13: Building a Positive Security Culture

Past Topics:

  • June 11: Human Risk Quantification

  • May 14: HRM Nudges, Training, and Orchestrations

  • April 9: Key HRM Metrics: Detect and Quantify Human Risk

  • March 12: HRM vs. SAT: What's the Difference?

HRM: Ask Me Anything Speakers

June2024 HRM AMA Video-2
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The Future Is Now: Introducing Human Risk Management. This is not just a name change. It is a significant change of mindset, strategy, process, and technology about how we approach an old problem in a new world.

Jinan Budge


Human Risk Management Ask Me Anything Series Replays

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