CyberEscape Online

Born Secure Entrance Exam

The Storyline:
Jacob Webb never considered a life as a cyber-operative until he was hand-picked as a candidate for a government-funded training program. Now, Jacob needs to pass an Entrance Exam to join the ranks of one of the most elite units in the world. Will he have what it takes? Help Jacob and his cohorts as they embark on the first step of their cyber journey...

Major Themes: This is the first installment of a trilogy covering these key cybersecurity concepts: 

  • Identifying Suspicious Activity & Physical Security
  • Social Engineering & Spear Vishing
  • Phishing & Business Email Compromise (BEC)
  • Identifying Cyber threats
  • Passwords & Passphrases
  • Incident Response/Reporting/Escalation
  • Attack Mapping & Critical Thinking
  • Communication & Ethics

Available Versions: 

  • Eight puzzles with eight multiple choice questions. 60 minutes
    • Languages: English, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese
  • Five puzzles with five multiple-choice questions. 45 minutes
    • Languages: English, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish

CyberEscape Online App: 

  • Create scheduling pages for end users to sign up individually or with a team for the virtual experience
  • Host controls allowing you to sit in on any active session to pause, mute or discuss learnings through out
  • Build public leaderboards with incentives to encourage competition
  • Detailed reporting by team and by individual to track wins, losses, missed sessions and question accuracy

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