CyberEscape Online

Born Secure Webb of Lies

The Storyline:
Jacob “xGhost” Webb has escaped a life he never asked for as an operative in a morally dubious, underground organization called The Group…but his quiet days living off the grid may be numbered. The arrival of his ex-girlfriend Hannah and two agents from The Group throw his freedom into jeopardy. Even Webb can’t take down The Group alone; is Hannah just the partner he needs, or is she working with the enemy?

Major Themes: This is the last installment of a trilogy covering these key cybersecurity concepts: 

  • Open source intelligence
  • Oversharing on social media
  • Public Wi-Fi
  • E-Wallet payments
  • Application security
  • Alternative forms of phishing
  • Malware in a data breach
  • Strong passwords
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Device updates
  • Clean desk policy
  • Phishing

Available Versions: 

  • Four puzzles with four multiple choice questions - 45 minutes
    • Languages: English, French-Canadian, Spanish
  • Three puzzles with three multiple choice questions - 30 minutes

CyberEscape Online App: 

  • Create scheduling pages for end users to sign up individually or with a team for the virtual experience
  • Host controls allowing you to sit in on any active session to pause, mute or discuss learnings through out
  • Build public leaderboards with incentives to encourage competition
  • Detailed reporting by team and by individual to track wins, losses, missed sessions and question accuracy

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