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Unbeatable Gamification & Engagement To Power Human Risk Management

Experience a fun, immersive, and interactive cybersecurity training program that's 16X more effective than standard training.

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What Is CyberEscape Online?

CyberEscape Online is a virtual experience that brings teams together in a plot-based scenario that has them solving puzzles and working together while learning about key cybersecurity behaviors. 

Built for teams, these "cyber escape rooms" garner rave reviews from companies about how much fun groups have each time they participate in them.

Games and puzzles are built into the experience, so friendly competition and teamwork prevail. 


Why Try CyberEscape Online?

Most employees perceive training as boring. Training can't change behavior if employees don't engage, so outside-the-box content is key. Thousands of employees who have experienced CyberEscape Online give it top marks. Living Security created the first team-based cybersecurity training experience that changes behavior.  


Where Did CyberEscape Online Come From? 

Living Security co-founder Drew Rose created cybersecurity escape rooms as a fun, interactive way for teams to learn important concepts together. These virtual, high production-value, plot-driven experiences are available to Living Security clients that subscribe to our training platform. 

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Empower Your Employees To Become Your Biggest Security Asset

Training Your Employees Will Love

Your employees will enjoy engaging, plot-driven stories and videos, while they play along together to solve the puzzles and quizzes to ensure they are retaining cybersecurity training and knowledge along the way.

Backed by Science

Behavioral science research has proven there is a 16X increase in retention from experiential learning compared to standard educational approaches.

Gamification Done Right

Participants work together to solve online puzzles in a race against the clock. Each CyberEscape Online experience is easy to play, diverse, and works with your existing video conferencing tech stack.

Multiple Exciting Storylines

Gamification works best when there is a strong narrative to keep the user engaged. Our content catalog is constantly updated so your teams have the latest installment to choose from.

See Living Security's CyberEscape Online Experiences in Action

The Cyber Race

Starting in Austin, Texas, teams race against one another to find clues and learn important behaviors in the race against hackers. This is... The Cyber Race. Watch the exciting trailer. 

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Security Awareness Training—Served Up Fresh!

Cybersecurity training and... a cooking show? Check! Hundreds of teams have shared their own recipes when they share this unique experience. Check out our Cyber Kitchen!

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Healthcare: Cyber Checkup

Healthcare Cyber Checkup provides training for cybersecurity as it relates to those who deal with patient health information. Challenges focus on key security concepts, such as phishing, passwords, and expectations laid out by HIPAA.

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Late Night Talk Show awareness training

Once you experience security awareness training in fun formats like late-night talk shows, quiz shows, and "reality" shows with high-energy actors, you'll never go back to one and-done boring training. Watch the trailer for Cybersecurity Tonight on LSTV!

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Learn Why Organizations Choose Living Security

Fortune 500 companies trust Living Security to deliver human risk management by using existing data to identify risky employees or teams and target immersive training to those who need it most. This approach keeps organizations ahead of breaches and enables them to track their progress toward a better security posture. This proactive, automated, efficient approach saves resources while keeping employees and data safe. 

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