CyberEscape Online

16x more effective than traditional security awareness training - CyberEscape Online is unlike anything you have ever experienced.

Unbeatable Gamification and Engagement for your Cybersecurity Awareness Program

Employee engagement is difficult. It’s not just that users don’t like the content, it’s that it doesn’t change behavior. Living Security’s CyberEscape Online is the first completely remote, team based cybersecurity training platform that users love to learn from and apply in their lives, turning human risk into human strength.


“We used Living Security’s CyberEscape and I highly recommend it! This was a completely flawless, extremely engaging, and enjoyable event (for all of us). Everyone left laughing and educated which will do wonders for our compliance focused culture.”

Julie Rinehart,

Security Awareness Program Owner, CVS Health


Cybersecurity Training your End Users Look Forward to

Living Security was founded on the idea that employees retain knowledge when learning is experiential. CyberEscape Online gets your team connected and engaged by putting cybersecurity principles and training into practice while having fun together.

Training your Employees Will Love (and Use)


Engaging, Hollywood-style stories and videos, fully gamified, take your security initiatives and learning objectives and turn them into an exciting adventure for your employees.

Backed By Science


There is a 16x increase in retention from experiential learning.1

80% of US employees believe game-based learning is more engaging.2

Why CyberEscape Online Is So Impactful

Go beyond just checking the box – teach your employees how to identify and respond to all types of threats. Instead of just reading about it, they’ll identify red flags for phishing, spear-phishing, vishing, and smishing attempts, and learn how to secure their WFH workplace, classify data, change credentials and more.

Gamification Done Right


Easy to play, diverse, and team-based - participants work together to solve online puzzles in a race against the clock for the best time on the leaderboard, all while learning cybersecurity fundamentals.

Multiple Exciting Storylines


Gamification works best when there is a strong narrative to keep the user engaged. From True Eye to Born Secure, our catalog is constantly updated so your teams have the latest installment to choose from.

Train for the Next Threat

Living Security believes that an intelligence-driven security awareness program is fundamental to predicting rather than reacting to threats. Our team continually researches the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) that cybercriminals are using so that our content is constantly evolving to help you stay ahead of emerging threats.

Understand Threat Targeting


Employees often don’t know how or why they would be a target, CyberEscape Online puts them into the shoes of both target and hacker, helping them understand the impact of their actions.

Advanced Social Engineering


Employees experience various advanced hack attempts in a safe environment so they know how to identify and properly respond to sophisticated, advanced social engineering that threat actors use to target employees.


  • It was so fun to see the collaboration, and the light-bulbs go off as teams worked their way through the Escape Room!
    Security Awareness Program Owner
  • When employees started to solve the puzzles and overcome the challenge it built their self-confidence and the idea that ‘I can do this, not just in this platform but in real life,’which reinforces the learning and confidence to know what to do.
    Deb Walter
    Manager of Information Security Training and Awareness, Amerisourcebergen
  • We’ve had enthusiastic reactions from the people who have participated in the virtual escape room sessions. :blush: -------- We killin' it guys!!”
    User feedback
    Fortune 200 Pharmaceutical Company