Living Security Training Platform Launch

Posted by Michael Krutikov
February 02, 2021

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We know that being a security awareness program owner is a difficult and sometimes thankless job. Employees are rarely enthusiastic about taking training, in part because most training courses are boring and tired repeats of prior years’ content. Cultivating timely content is an overwhelming challenge, making it and keeping it relevant to their department and role is a time-consuming, if not fruitless effort due to a lack of good, engaging, content to choose from.

For many program owners, the security awareness goal lowers to check-the-box to "meet compliance", and employee participation solely because it is mandatory. Living Security is different, our Human Risk Management solution is built on the belief that employees are your strongest resource in the cybersecurity battle.

Our customer feedback fuels our mission to help prevent cybersecurity breaches with a Human Risk Management solution that does more than just meet compliance, it also truly changes behavior. 

“Living Security is one of the only teams in security providing metrics. Their data provides insight into our employees' security knowledge, which empowers us to know where we are and where we can improve.”

- CVS Health

We are proud to announce the release of the new Living Security Training Platform, which brings together years of research and feedback from over 150 leading enterprises from around the world. The new Training Platform gives you the easiest way to solve the Human Risk Management challenge for tens of thousands of users.

Some of the Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive content catalog allows for customization of content to match your policies and messaging
  • Integration into AD and SSO allow for the fastest user management by role and department
  • Training campaign builder helps you select the right content for the right audience and keep security top of mind with bite-sized learning modules 
  • Advanced reporting and analytics that go beyond simple completion metrics to generate an actionable risk score that helps you target follow up training.

Onboarding - Integration That Saves Time And Reduces Errors 

One of the biggest challenges for program owners is the initial setup - how to bring the users into the platform and segment them for different training needs. Living Security Training integrates with your Active Directory to bring your employees into the platform along with their Job Title, Department, Division, and more.

User Management screenshot


Audience Selection

  • Create a Static audience so a group of employees will receive training bundles at the same time.
  • Create a Dynamic audience to set attribute rules (Department: Finance; Country: US) so the right employees automatically receive the training they need to be secure. 


Content Catalog - Targeted Course Selection Made Easy 

Now that you have all your employees on Training, you need a way to easily identify the ideal training modules that you want to use. Search our content catalog by topic, style, time, certification requirement and more. 💜 what you like and the content will be at your fingertips when you build your campaign.

  • Want to knock out your compliance training in less than 10 minutes? Select modules by length and set up a full campaign with multiple bite-size modules. 
  • Want to select modules around specific topics, like HIPAA or physical security? Simply select the key topics you want to build a campaign around.

And you have full control over the content. Save and customize the questions and answers to incorporate your own policies.


Campaign Builder - Group and schedule content for your Audiences 

Here is where the real magic happens. For each Audience, you can create a schedule of training that includes mandatory bundles, general awareness modules, team training experiences, and more to span the whole year. Notifications, reminders, and even past due notifications to the manager can fire off automatically allowing you to set and forget it.

Create shorter campaigns that allow you to customize your program: 

  • New Hire campaign to cover the basics for all new employees
  • Finance campaign with topics that are key for finance employees
  • Executive campaigns for the leadership team - across departments or within each one.

Campaign Builder screenshot


Analytics - How the Living Security Training Platform Delivers Human Risk Management

The ultimate goal is to improve the overall security posture of your organization. We have also introduced some of the most straightforward and powerful analytics tools to help you identify strengths and weaknesses across your enterprise.

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges with security training is how do you answer “how is our security training program working?”. As a security program owner, you need to identify and improve those employees and departments that need to get better at cybersecurity. While many programs have some basic phishing score or simulation test, we all know that cybersecurity is more than just stopping an email phish attempt. The variety of tactics, techniques, and methods that cybercriminals use to try to breach your enterprise number in the dozens. 

The Living Security Training Platform gives you an easy to understand security risk score, like a credit score. The analytics dashboard provides an immediate snapshot of how your organization is performing across a multitude of security categories. Beyond the score, the trends show you how you’re progressing, and also provides immediate detail down to a departmental level. Is your marketing team struggling with security? Now you can have a valuable discussion that objectively shows your marketing VP how they are performing, in what categories, and you can customize a remediation plan to get them up to speed on what they need to know.

Human Risk Management screenshot


Free Resources

This is just a high-level summary of the new Living Security Training Platform launch. If you’re new to Living Security, we welcome you to check out some valuable resources that our clients rave about:

Ready to see it for yourself? We invite you to schedule a FREE demo of the Living Security Training Platform today. 


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