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Security Training Compliance

Security awareness training is a mandatory requirement of most compliance and security programs.

In addition to monitoring training compliance status and completion, the Living Security Unify HRM Platform allows you to track related risky and vigilant behaviors across the enterprise, so that you can capture the return on investment of your security trainings.

Security Training Compliance Integrations

Training - Identify

icon-identify Identify

With Living Security, track all overdue training in a single place.  Drill into specific groups, create competition across segments, or focus efforts on your most vulnerable end users. 

In a single pane of glass, Unify helps you identify training statuses as part of the larger picture of overall human risk management.

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Training - Protect

icon-protect (1) Protect

Take security awareness and training to the next step : human risk management. Initiate nudges, track related behaviors, and build a program that focuses its training content on the security risks that your business is facing. 

Educate and enable the workforce to protect themselves and their organization from security incidents. Build cyber-aware champions with personalized, engaging training and customized phishing campaigns that empower employees to identify and thwart threats early and often.

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Training - Report

icon-report Report

Create tailored reports that ensure your security training program is creating the desired effect.  Beyond tracking training completion or policy acceptance, view the trends in key behaviors. Observe as risky behaviors decline and highlight the increase in key vigilant activity. 

Promote a positive culture of security vigilance. Use scorecards and reports for employees, managers, and executives to foster a security-conscious culture and boost employee vigilance.

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