Identify Risks and Protect Your Workforce Before an Incident

Your workforce faces a variety of risks that can lead directly to security incidents. Identify risk and protect your workforce with Unify, the most comprehensive Human Risk Management platform available today.

Holistic Human Risk Management.

Up to 89% of security incidents involve a human element. While social engineering and phishing continue as leading attack vectors, incidents also arise from malware, account compromise, data loss and more.
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Identity Threats

Analyze authentication patterns, access attempts, and user activity. Unify harmonizes seamlessly with your existing security tools, enabling proactive risk mitigation strategies and aiding in the identification of potential security threats.

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Training Compliance

Security awareness and compliance training is a mandatory requirement of most programs. By leveraging training events in Unify, you can now determine the overall effectiveness of educating employees.

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Phishing and Email

Build a comprehensive Human Risk Index score by implementing phishing and email security data into Unify. Track key behaviors such as real and simulated phish clicks to build a comprehensive individual and company-wide view of human risk.

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Malware & Ransomware

Integrate endpoint security data to gain real-time insights into device activity, configurations, and potential vulnerabilities. By seamlessly connecting existing endpoint security platforms, Unify can track and analyze endpoint behavior to build a comprehensive Human Risk Index score.


Data Loss

By analyzing user behavior and context, Unify facilitates proactive risk mitigation strategies, aiding in the identification of high-risk users susceptible to data leaks and losses. This approach ensures the protection of sensitive information and compliance with data privacy laws, effectively safeguarding your organization's integrity.

Protecting your organization from a cyberattack is your number one priority and that comes along with proving the value of your team and security investments to the board continues to be a challenge due to:

  • Siloed data isolated in various systems makes it difficult to aggregate and paint a picture of human risk and behavioral change.
  • Focusing on reactive steps such as training for all employees after an incident instead of tailored training for those who need it most.
  • Fragmented teams functioning independently result in uncoordinated efforts to drive change and report the effectiveness of the security program. 

Forget trying to build and report on your human firewall with blinders on. Turn to Living Security’s Unify platform to gain the insight you deserve to drive change. 

  • The Unify HRM Platform Helps CISOs:
    Show the ROI of actions taken to build your human firewall.
  • Communicate human risk with aggregated data from existing security tools.
  • Neutralize threats by quickly identifying your riskiest and most vigilant employees.

Empowering your employees to become the first line of defense against cyber threats is your number one priority, however the traditional approach struggles to proactively mitigate human risk and is further compounded by:

  • Lack of visibility into human risk to understand who are the riskiest and most vigilant employees.
  • Insufficient metric tracking to show behavioral change and overall program effectiveness.
  • Struggle to determine next steps and how to execute action plans efficiently.

It’s time to rethink and re-tool in order to understand the individual, their motivations, and the specific vulnerabilities they present. Living Security’s Unify platform flips the script.

The Unify HRM Platform Helps SA&T Teams:

  • Proactively safeguard your organization from human-induced incidents.
  • Curb threats with action plans to track that risky behavior is decreasing.
  • Spark lasting change in your security culture and show ROI of the SA&T program. 
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Developing, maintaining, and tracking the effectiveness of your security policies are vital to decreasing human risk, however outdated methods lack the insights to find gaps in risky identity behavior and is intensified by:

  • Imbalance between security and usability is difficult without the right data to make informed decisions.
  • Failing to measure the impact of training across different roles, departments, and locations.
  • Difficulty illuminating risk early and often to adjust or enforce policies and training.

Ditch the old playbook and join other GRC professionals who are turning to Living Security’s Unify platform to unlock comprehensive data of your riskiest and most vigilant employees.

The Unify HRM Platform Helps GRC Teams:

  • Quickly pinpoint commonly violated policies.
  • Fine-tune policies to address specific and trending cyber threats.
  • Foster a culture of cyber vigilance with tailored training based on their needs.
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Identifying trends and changes in patterns of behavior among your employees is crucial to preventing cyber attacks, however staying on top of this task effectively can be challenging due to:

  • High volume of alerts can overwhelm SOC analysts, leading to important signals being missed.
  • Too much data makes it challenging for SOC leaders to extract the essential data points they require.
  • Alerts often lack sufficient context to determine the intent behind user actions.

Eliminate the guesswork with Living Security’s Unify platform to illuminate human risk insights with granular precision without the noise. 

The Unify HRM Platform Helps SOC & IR Teams:

  • Effortlessly distinguish and measure historical risk and emerging trends.
  • Gain foresight into identifying the riskiest and most vigilant users.
  • Empower employees with observations into behavior and associated impact. 
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