Product Overview

A Unified Approach to Proactive Security

Living Security is transforming how enterprises approach security awareness and training with the Unify Human Risk Management (HRM) Platform. By holistically identifying risks and protecting your workforce, Unify empowers organizations with proactive, data-driven measures to create a strong and resilient culture of security.
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The Unify HRM Platform:

Creating a Virtuous Cycle of Human Risk Management

Unify drives your security programming beyond traditional training, awareness, and phishing campaigns, to one where you actively measure and monitor human behavior, identifying real risk and intervening to protect from incidents and policy violations.

Combined with Living Security’s industry-leading training and phishing, security leaders use Unify to go beyond simply measuring risk to actively reducing it. With Unify you can easily deploy personalized nudges, training, and policy changes proven to increase vigilant behaviors across the workforce. 

Unify empowers employees, managers, and executives with actionable scorecards that foster a positive security culture, boost employee confidence, and drive safer, more vigilant security behaviors.


Explore Unify HRM Platform

Unify HRM Platform:
Identify. Protect. Report.

icon-identify Identify

Predict internal risk by integrating data from your existing security tools to identify vigilant and vulnerable members of your workforce across the full spectrum of security risks including identity threats, data loss, malware, phishing, and social engineering.

icon-protect (1) Protect

Educate and enable the workforce to protect against cyberattacks by initiating policy and training interventions powered by AI recommendations through nudges that accelerate behavior change with step-by-step guidance.

icon-report Report

Promote a positive culture of security vigilance. Empower employees, managers, and executives with actionable scorecards that foster a security-conscious culture, boost employee confidence, and drive safer, more vigilant security behaviors.

Security Training and Phishing Simulation

Tailor Learning. Launch in Minutes. Boost Engagement.

Security Awareness and Training

Security Awareness & Training

Train smarter, not harder with Living Security. Designed to engage users with immersive live-action video and a personalized approach, users can choose from a variety of entertaining and effective modules that enhance engagement and comprehension. 

Tailoring learning based on roles, industries, and specific risk areas helps drive behavioral change and tackle modern threats. Setting up training campaigns is easy with contextual reminders and ready-to-use templates in multiple languages to ensure you can meet the needs of our global workforce. 


Cybersecurity Awareness Content

Protect your team from evolving cyber dangers with  engaging, immersive content wherever your employees are.

Leverage hundreds of professionally produced plot-driven, live-action, and captivating content modules to train employees on their specific and individualized risks and meet compliance requirements.

With native integration to the Unify HRM platform, deploy content to those that need it most, extending the value and impact of your Security Awareness & Training program.

CyberEscape Online Image

icon-protect CyberEscape Online

Unleash the power of team building and interactive learning with an immersive virtual experience that is scientifically proven to increase retention by 16X. Your employees will enjoy engaging, plot-driven real-world scenarios and videos and play along as a group to solve the puzzles and challenges that teach and reinforce critical cybersecurity behaviors. 


icon-report (1) Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Utilize engaging and impactful training experiences all year long with Living Security's comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Month program. Access a diverse collection of unique training content, including fascinating keynote speakers discussing captivating topics like espionage, generational differences, and artificial intelligence, alongside a full marketing kit, planning calendar, and creative tools to help employees keep security front and center - not just in October.

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Phishing Simulation

Whether it’s phishing, smishing, or vishing, Living Security helps you empower employees to become cybersecurity heroes through realistic training simulations, across multiple channels, to learn how to identify and shut down these types of attacks. 

Living Security integrates seamlessly with your existing security tools, offering a comprehensive, ready-to-use or custom scenarios in multiple languages to build a unified defense against the ever-evolving threats.

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Fortune 500 companies trust Living Security to deliver human risk management by using existing data to identify risky employees or teams and target immersive training to those who need it most. This approach keeps organizations ahead of breaches and enables them to track their progress toward a better security posture. This proactive, automated, efficient approach saves resources while keeping employees and data safe.

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