Immersive Security Awareness Training


What is Security Awareness Training? 

Security awareness training is a strategy used by companies to mitigate risks by educating employees about good practices and common online “traps” set by cyber criminals.

Successful security awareness programs have...

  • Engaging, immersive training that changes human behavior
  • Interactive and team-focused training to drive learning, retention
  • Built-in gamification, “champion” programs, and incentives for employees to mitigate risks
  • An effective, ongoing security culture that celebrates human risk management
  • The ability to measure the impact of training to show its impact on risk mitigation

Most security programs fail because...

  • They consist of off-the-shelf, generic, one-size-fits-all, check-the-box compliance training
  • It takes too long for users to complete and they don’t retain the information
  • There’s no hands-on or group experience that helps them relate the information to their own lives
  • It’s a one-and-done annual “mandate” that happens once annually

Only Living Security delivers...

  • Live-action, plot-driven videos, puzzles, and relatable vignettes that educate
  • Gamification and leader boards to build visibility and incentivize risk mitigation
  • Monthly turnkey content on security topics that keep security top of mind
  • Available cyber escape rooms that create a fun group experience users won’t forget


Where Security Awareness and Training Programs Fall Short

Though organizations spend a lot of money on technology to stop cybersecurity breaches, the majority of them involve some kind of human action, intentional or not. Organizations mandate annual check-the-box compliance training, but it does little to actually change human behavior. 

Lack of Relevance for Employees

Most security awareness training consists of a single one-size-fits-all component. Problem is, every organization has different types of workers, and individuals play roles that may increase their ability to impact security. Industry- and role-based training provide relevant experiences, aiding retention. 

Limited Engagement

Usually, the IT Security Manager mandates once-a-year compliance training, with a goal to “check the box” rather than “enable employees to secure company data and assets.” This short-sighted approach can have a major negative impact on the organization if an employee causes a breach.

Hard To Measure Impact

With completion-only goals, organizations lose the real value of training: measuring the impact on the organization as a whole. Did behavior change? Is the company more secure? Most training platforms cannot provide these deeper metrics and, therefore, never realize the full benefits of cybersecurity awareness training. 

Time-Consuming for Employees

One-size-fits-all annual compliance training impedes productivity because it trains vigilant users the same as uneducated ones. Such training takes hours, is boring because it’s not relevant to the user, and feels mandated, so it’s no wonder employees don’t take it seriously, opting to just “get through” the training. 

See Living Security's security awareness training in action

Late Night Talk Show awareness training

Once you experience security awareness training in fun formats like late-night talk shows, quiz shows, and "reality" shows with high-energy actors, you'll never go back to one-and-done boring training. Watch the trailer for Cybersecurity Tonight on LSTV!

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Healthcare: Cyber Checkup

Healthcare Cyber Checkup provides training for cybersecurity as it relates to those who deal with patient health information. Challenges focus on key security concepts, such as phishing, passwords, and expectations laid out by HIPAA.

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Security Awareness Training—Served Up Fresh!

Cybersecurity awareness training that's relevant, relatable, and immersive training drives real learning and behavioral change across your enterprise. Check out our Cyber Kitchen trailer!

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Adaptive Security Awareness Should Be a Part of Your Framework

At Living Security, all our security awareness and training programs aim to change behavior and empower all employees to defend against risks, making them powerful assets in keeping your organization’s data secure.

Demand plot-driven, live-action, engaging video training

  • Living Security delivers training that immerses employees in a story, so it’s more likely to be remembered.
  • High-quality, well-acted videos convey key points as memorable plot points.
  • Quick vignettes and puzzles that quiz employees, then build on their knowledge.

Use tailored role-based & risk-based training courses

  • Train for risks that are specific to employees with special access or privileges based on their roles.
  • Risks for those in marketing differ than those in manufacturing; Living Security offers department-based training.
  • Deploy specific training to teams or employees demonstrating risky behavior without burdening vigilant employees.

Measure effectiveness with metrics that matter

  • With Human Risk Management, report on improvements in individual, team, and company-level risk mitigation.
  • Illustrate areas of risk to deploy risk- or role-based training.
  • Finally quantify your cybersecurity investment and its correlation to your organization’s ability to mitigate risk

Deliver timely security awareness and training consistently

  • Intuitive platform provides easy deployment of training to specific subsets to improve efficiencies.
  • Discover, stage, and distribute ongoing awareness content in one easy platform.
  • Ready-to-use content to easily reinforce security awareness throughout the year.


"Living Security’s wide array of educational (and fun!!) content has improved our cyber education program tenfold."


"As a Living Security client, we've seen first-hand how immersive learning and gamification can positively reinforce cybersecurity concepts and make learning more fun and engaging."

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