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Cybersecurity Awareness Content

Cybersecurity Awareness Training Content to Engage Employees

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What is Security Engagement Content?

While cybersecurity compliance training is critical, additional security engagement content consists of creative, eye-catching ways to keep cybersecurity awareness top of mind across the organization via a variety of communication channels and media.

Living Security's diverse, Hollywood-style cybersecurity training and awareness content offerings make it easy to engage your users on the concepts that matter most—written and produced specifically with the end users in mind.

Engaging & Educational Cybersecurity Training Series

All Living Security training series use fun, relevant topics and themes pulled straight from top real-world streaming entertainment platforms. Gamification, part of all our training programs, boosts engagement 16X more than other training.

Cyber Social Collection

Who says cybersecurity can't be fun?

These short, :15-30 second, trendy videos are fun ways to remind employees about key security topics. These can be used alongside training modules or as stand-alone reminders to help foster a strong security culture.

Created to model popular TikTok-style "snippets" of content, they feel viral and improvised rather than staged and stuffy. However, each one delivers an important cybersecurity-aware message. 



Looking for topics to help bolster cybersecurity awareness? Has someone asked about specific issues such as MFA or password protection? Living Security has a library of awareness "campaigns" ready to deliver to your team. Each "box" includes ready-to-use messaging, a roll-out plan, and fun content that engages your employees. 

Critical Mass

Suspicious behavior at Gizmo Corp. leads a team of remote investigators on a heart-pounding pursuit of a cybercriminal trying to divert payroll funds to their own account... You are that team!

Cybersecurity Tonight

Welcome to the Late Night Tonight show where you’ll hear from cyber celebrities about the latest trends in cybercrime and as part of the audience, you will be tested on the topics in a fun and relevant format.

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Served Up Fresh!

Cybersecurity awareness training that's relevant, relatable, and immersive training drives real learning and behavioral change across your enterprise. Check out our Cyber Kitchen trailer!

Healthcare Cyber Checkup

Join the staff of a hospital where you’ll play a major role in solving real-life cyber challenges aligned to HIPAA in an effort to protect the safety and privacy of patients and the hospital’s reputation.

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Squad Up!

The Squad is a comedic, threat-driven storyline designed to immerse viewers in security awareness without it feeling like training. This live-action, 3-part series will drive engagement and comprehension around oversharing, social media and phishing (BEC).

CyberEscape Online Collections

Play online cybersecurity role-playing games with your team, and learn together. Our immersive, high-production-value, plot-driven training collections deliver fun ways to become more cyber secure.

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Security Snaps

We're all accustomed to watching videos on our smart phones, and Security Snaps uses that common motion to bring real-world situations to life. 

These quick, "slice of life" videos share quick but memorable stories that bring security concerns to the forefront. 

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Training Collections

  • Collections of training materials based on different content styles, length of content, and type of learning
  • Collections include options such as Case In Point, Big Ideas, Investigate: Insider Threat, and "Why?" Role-based Collection
  • Modules can be deployed or assigned at once or as part of a campaign

Learn Why Organizations Choose Living Security

Fortune 500 companies trust Living Security to deliver human risk management by using existing data to identify risky employees or teams and target immersive training to those who need it most. This approach keeps organizations ahead of breaches and enables them to track their progress toward a better security posture. This proactive, automated, efficient approach saves resources while keeping employees and data safe. 

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