Security Awareness Training

Best-in-class, always updated, highly-engaging content that is fully gamified to change employees’ behavior and deliver a winning security culture to your enterprise.

Build a Winning Security Culture With the Industry’s Leading Security Awareness Platform

Living Security combines best-in-class, Hollywood-style content with winning behavioral science to bring you a customizable security awareness training program that solves your compliance requirements and helps turn human risk into human strength. Change your security culture with a single platform switch.


“The Living Security Platform hit on all of the elements I want in a product. It involved gamification while learning and had features on the back end that would help us develop our program. It was easy to send out, users could solve the puzzles and complete the training and at the same time we were getting data on the back end.”

Deb Walter,
Manager of Information Security Training and Awareness, AmerisourceBergen

Intelligence-Driven Content

Living Security helps you train your employees for the next threat, not the last one. Your employees will not only understand the “why” behind the training, but they’ll be prepared based on the latest threats and techniques that cybercriminals are using.

Personalization Through Microlearning


We understand busy schedules and the science behind our ideal memory capacity, that’s why our nano and micro modules are 1-3 minutes of easy-to-consume, anywhere, anytime accessibility to training.

Customizable and Adaptable


Imagine being able to easily sort and select multiple, complete compliance campaigns for any group, based on role, risk or experience - and then easily manage and identify risk based on behavior.

Keep Humans on Task and Risk on Track

Living Security’s state-of-the-art analytics and reporting are the difference between hoping your security awareness program is making a difference and knowing the impact your training has on your security posture. Make better-informed decisions faster, to optimize your risk management in near real-time.

Powerful Insights


Living Security integrates risk scoring, training data, data around human action, and security threats to deliver actionable insights that inform decision-makers from program owners to CISOs.

Improve ROI with Automation


Living Security not only automates the data collection and corroboration from across your entire security suite, but it also automates training based on employees’ actions and risk profile.

Gamification Done Right

We get the science behind gamification, which is why our platform utilizes the best principles around strong identifiable narrative, self-representation, and company-wide leaderboards. Our customers say it best, our security awareness training is something employees WANT to take, not just have to.

Immersive Experiences


Engaging storylines are impactful because they are memorable. Combined with integrated and relevant puzzles, users put cybersecurity principles into practice while having fun learning.

Company-wide Leaderboard


Incentivized friendly competition increases engagement and helps build a better security culture. Group your teams by department, location or mix for increased employee interaction.


  • “Our employees loved it, our ambassadors loved it and we received such great feedback! Their data provides insight into our employees’ security knowledge, which empowers us to know where we are and where we can improve.”
    Julie Rinehart
    Security Awareness Program Owner, CVS Health
  • “Living Security was not only offering something no one else had but their openness to customizing a solution to fit with our company culture, rather than trying to deliver a one-fits-all-solution and promising it works for everyone.”
    Security Culture and Training, Splunk
  • “[Living Security] really helped us with a culture shift breaking down the barrier of 'us vs them' which I have seen before. The way they break down concepts allows end users to really understand why their involvement is needed to secure the company.”
    Security and Risk Manager
    10B+ Enterprise, Gartner Peer Insights


Living Security’s library of guides and tutorials help you get started quickly.
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