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Unify Enterprise

Leverage Full Cycle
Human Risk Management

Use your organization’s data to identify human risks, protect your workforce, and promote a positive security culture.

How mature is your HRM security posture? Download the HRM Maturity Model

Put human risk at the heart
of your security posture

Living Security transforms the vast array of human risks spanning data loss, malware, phishing, and identity threats into predictive insights that identify the full array of risky behaviors across your workforce and initiate preventive actions that protect employees through a single platform, not universal one-size-fits-all training.

icon-training Security Training

Security awareness and compliance training is a mandatory requirement of most programs. By leveraging training events in Unify, you can now determine the overall effectiveness of educating employees.

icon-email Phishing and Email

Build a comprehensive Human Risk Index score by implementing phishing and email security data into Unify. Track key behaviors such as real and simulated phish clicks to build a comprehensive individual and company-wide view of human risk.

icon-loss Data Loss

By analyzing user behavior and context, Unify facilitates proactive risk mitigation strategies, aiding in the identification of high-risk users susceptible to data leaks and losses. This approach ensures the protection of sensitive information and compliance with data privacy laws, effectively safeguarding your organization's integrity.

icon-takeover Identity Threats

Analyze authentication patterns, access attempts, and user activity. Unify harmonizes seamlessly with your existing security tools, enabling proactive risk mitigation strategies and aiding in the identification of potential security threats.

icon-malware Malware & Ransomware

Integrate endpoint security data to gain real-time insights into device activity, configurations, and potential vulnerabilities. By seamlessly connecting existing endpoint security platforms, Unify can track and analyze endpoint behavior to build a comprehensive Human Risk Index score.

Capabilities: Identify


Ingest employee device and event data from your existing IT security stack with simple API integrations that centralize security intelligence for your workforce.

Human Risk Quantification

Evaluate and utilize hundreds of behaviors to quantify human risk throughout your workforce, departments, teams, and individual employees using the LIving Security Human Risk Index (HRI).


Correlate security threats, vulnerabilities, and potential impact to prioritize precise areas of the workforce to protect and how.

Capabilities: Protect

Action Plans

Utilize AI recommendations to deploy action plans that mitigate risk through nudges, training, phishing, and policy orchestration.


Engage employees with relevant, risk-based training modules proven to change behavior and reduce risk.


Utilize a complete catalog of real-world and relevant scenarios and campaigns that can be customized for MFA spoofing, AI-enabled, including voice simulation, and available in multiple languages.


Automate tedious and repetitive tasks by updating policy playbooks and ensuring teams have the latest guidance and procedures to address emerging vulnerabilities.

Capabilities: Report

Employee Scorecards

Equip your employees with personalized risk scorecards that show how their behaviors impact overall organizational security.

Manager Reporting

Create alignment across teams with intuitive dashboards and reports that present risk data and trends that create positive alignment and change.

Board and Executive Reporting

Improve executive alignment by translating human risk into a language that your executives and board understand by demonstrating the impact of human risk on overall security posture and business impact.
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In the past, we would look at things like, did people do the online training? As I learned more, I realized that that’s not really enough. It’s really the behavior change that I want. With Unify, I can correlate all our data and in doing so, I learn things that I hadn’t known before.

Brian Markham
CISO at EAB Global


Get Started

The Unify Human Risk Management platform offers multiple options that enable you to rapidly start your HRM journey with Unify Go and progressively grow in minimizing the full scope of workforce vulnerabilities with Unify Enterprise.

Unify Go

Easily transition from compliance-based security awareness, training, and phishing to risk-based identification and protection of your workforce. Start your journey to HRM here.

Monitor risk by:

  • Email Security
  • Phishing
  • Security Training Compliance

Unify Enterprise

Extend Human Risk Management beyond email, phishing, and training to include the full scope of cybersecurity risks employees face.

Covers risk in Unify Go and adds:

  • Data Loss
  • Identity Threats
  • Malware & Ransomware

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