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January 22, 2023

How To Derive Cyber Threat Intelligence From the Inside (2023 Trends Guide)

Sharing ideas internally on how to recognize and respond to cybersecurity threats can drastically improve the way your organization combats inbound threats. How do you derive cyber threat intelligence from within your organization?

Some organizations assume that cybersecurity is exclusively an external game. Threat actors attack your company from the outside (targeting your network like a cannonball launched at your brick fortress of security) and that it’s your technical defenses alone (like firewalls and antivirus) that keep the cybercriminals from getting in.

But many overlook the risks right inside your organization, like your employees who aren’t keeping cybersecurity training top of mind. Without proper knowledge about what they should and shouldn’t do to protect your network, your team can unintentionally perform risky behavior that leaves your organization vulnerable to a breach. The good news is, your team holds great power to strengthen your security posture!

As noted in Trend 5 of our guide The Cybersecurity Shift: 8 Essential Trends, cultivating a positive security culture is the key to deriving cyber threat intelligence from the inside. Here are four ways to build a positive security culture internally within your organization, which will help your team derive threat intelligence from the inside:

Consistent training must be a priority at your organization

Cybersecurity threats are always evolving and your team needs to be aware of the changes as they occur. There are a number of ways you can boost completion and retention, including experiences that leverage gamification, story-driven training content, and other material that’s relevant to everyone on your team.

Recruit your people in the fight against cybercrime

Selling the value of your cybersecurity awareness program can be one of your greatest challenges, but it doesn’t have to be. If you can forecast the potential impact of your program, you’ll get the company-wide approval and resources you need to implement it. Instead of feeling responsible for vulnerabilities, your team will feel empowered to defend your security—knowing they play an important role in maintaining it.

It’s not just all about your employee’s work life.

All of your employees, no matter what their role is, are interested in keeping themselves and their loved ones safe in the digital world. Our Family First series lets you share content, webinars, and more to help your employees understand how to keep each member of their family safe online.

Take it home with you

If your business has moved to a hybrid or remote-work structure, you need your employees to live and breathe best practices outside of the office too.

The Takeaway:

Make a core company value, like security, a core part of the fabric of your organization, a part of your employees everyday experience, and something that everyone takes ownership of in their individual roles.’

Discover other ways you can improve your organization’s ability to derive threat intelligence threats from the inside by downloading our free guide today.


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