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Family First

We provide tools, content, and resources for families—to help keep kids safe online.

Living Security's Family First Series

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3 Videos to Watch With Your Family & Share

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3 Expert Webinars To Discuss the Latest Risks Online

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Resources To Help You Keep Your Family Safe


We Live in a World That Is
Connected Like Never Before...

It can be a beautiful thing, a world where our children can communicate with other kids around the world in real time - there is a dark side of this coin.  Far too often, more than we would care to admit, and far more than we should ever tolerate - there are people trying to exploit the innocence and naivety of our children.  What we cannot be, as guardians of the next generation, is naive to the threats they face, nor fail to do everything in our power to protect them from harm.

Family First, by Living Security, is designed to help you with the information you need, the steps you should take and provide the tools you need to protect the children in your lives. In partnership with leading technology companies across the world, our goal is to help make cybersecurity easy to understand, memorable and impactful.

Keeping families safe online - one child at a time! 


Keeping Your Kids Safe in an Online World

We live in a world that is connected like never before. As beautiful of a thing as this can create, a world where our children can communicate with other kids around the world, in real-time – there is a dark side to this coin.


In This Informative Webinar You’ll Learn More About:

  • Limiting/Monitoring website access by locking down browsers
  • Understanding the parental control features available in your devices
  • Dangers in oversharing personal information (intentionally or within app access).


Social Media Safety - Threats Around the Corner and in Our Homes

Social media connects us with friends and gives us a platform to share our lives. But a friend of a friend doesn’t equal someone you can trust. Especially when it is someone that you haven’t met personally. Just think of how much rapport and experience it takes for you to give someone from your own workplace a recommendation.


In This Informative Webinar You’ll Learn More About:

  • Why your kids should only connect with and interact with people they’ve met and trust personally
  • Why they should never meet up in person with someone that they have only met through social media
  • Why it is critical to keep even innocent information private, someone finding out what school you attend can easily identify your address
  • Guide your kids to always think before they post. Once something is online, they can’t take it back.


Online Gaming - Security, Privacy and Predator Risks

Online gaming through console, PC or mobile device provides a fun and interactive experience for kids, of all ages. Therein lies one of the more dangerous aspects of online gaming. It is one forum where even a large variance in age is not unusual, and provides an avenue for people your kids would know to avoid in person to have contact with them in a setting that lowers their defenses.


In This Informative Webinar You’ll Learn More About:

  • Cybersecurity best practices in keeping accounts private
  • Not talking to strangers. Play with people you know. If you play with unknown individuals, do not share personal information nor trust that they are who they say they are
  • How to look out for and avoid in-game chat dangers (phishing) – often embedded in links
  • Why your kids should avoid in-game purchases (identity theft and privacy)
  • How to recognize and deal with cyberbullying – never be afraid to report it.

Introducing the Living Security Human Risk Management Platform™

Our platform leverages your end users, a scientific cybersecurity approach to analyzing human risk factors, a ground-breaking approach to security awareness training plus its effectiveness and ROI.