Hacking the Boardroom: CISOs and the Board

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CISOs have a critical role in a company, but they don’t always interact with the Board of Directors. Human Risk Management puts CISOs front and center.

David Spark (Producer & Managing Editor, CISO Series), Deneen Defiore (VP & Chief Information Security Officer, United Airlines), and Naomi Buckwalter (Chief Information Security Officer, Cybersecurity Partners of Philadelphia) discuss:

  • How CISOs and Security Program Owners can better approach and get more buy-in from the Board.
  • Good advice, bad advice, and worse advice for how to speak to a Board and what to do to improve that conversation.
  • Key critical thinking perspectives to make security personal, applicable, and meaningful and to relate it to what your company’s industry-specific or relevant needs may be.
  • How to effectively communicate information to the Board that is informative, not fearful.

Watch the webinar now.

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