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October 24, 2022

Human Risk Management 101

Security Awareness is broken. Hear a panel of CISOs discussed how the data from Human Risk Management surpasses standard security awareness training. 

Brian Markham (Chief Information Security Officer, EAB Global), Aurobindo Sundaram (Chief Information Security Officer, RELX), and Daniel Walsh (Chief Information Security Officer, VillageMD) join Living Security's Andre Tucker to discuss:

  • The best ways to leverage Human Risk Management effectively to mitigate cyber attacks.
  • Understanding the role that data can play in Human Risk Management and how organizations can effectively transition from Security Awareness and Training to Human Risk Management.
  • What a data-informed Human Risk Management solution provides that goes above and beyond many other current security methodologies. 
  • Advice the panel would share to those looking to shift to Human Risk Management for their organizations. 

Watch the webinar now.

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