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Unify Go

Take the First Step on the Road to Human Risk Management

Easily transition from compliance-based security awareness, training and phishing to human risk identification and workforce protection.

How mature is your HRM security posture? Download the HRM Maturity Model

Gain unmatched visibility into human risk across your organization.

Introducing Unify Go, an easy and powerful entry point to human risk management. Security teams can rapidly surface granular security vulnerabilities across the workforce by aggregating and correlating employee behavior across security training, phishing, and email security tools.

icon-email Phishing and Email

Build a comprehensive Human Risk Index score by implementing Phishing and Email Security data into Unify. Track key behaviors such as real and simulated phish clicks to build a comprehensive individual and company-wide view of human risk.

icon-training Security Training Compliance

Security awareness and compliance training is a mandatory requirement of most programs. By leveraging training events in Unify, you can now determine the overall effectiveness of educating employees.
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Human risk management is the future of traditional security awareness; we are excited to be on the leading edge.

Dan Walsh
CISO at VillageMD


Intelligence Engine

Ingest, aggregate, and correlate event, device, and identity data across existing identity management, security training, phishing, and email security tools to build a dynamic risk profile of every member of the workforce.

Human Risk Operations Center (HROC)

Unite the Security Operations Center (SOC), Security Awareness and Training (SAT), and Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) teams by providing them with granular dashboards and lenses into human risk and insider threats.

Human Risk Index (HRI)

Proprietary and patent-pending algorithm sorts individuals and groups into five distinct levels of risk. The model considers criteria spanning hundreds of behavioral data points across your existing IT and security tools.

Action Plans

Security teams can generate tailored, prioritized next steps focused on specific behaviors across location, department, or segments. Examples include enrolling team members into a risk-based security training course, targeted communications to risky groups and additional phishing simulations.

Get Started

The Unify Human Risk Management platform offers multiple options that enable you to rapidly start your HRM journey with Unify Go and progressively grow in minimizing the full scope of workforce vulnerabilities with Unify Enterprise.

Unify Go

Easily transition from compliance-based security awareness, training, and phishing to risk-based identification and protection of your workforce. Start your journey to HRM here.

Monitor risk by:

  • Email Security
  • Phishing
  • Security Training Compliance

Unify Enterprise

Extend Human Risk Management beyond email, phishing, and training to include the full scope of cybersecurity risks employees face.

Covers risk in Unify Go and adds:

  • Data Loss
  • Identity Threats
  • Malware & Ransomware

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