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At Living Security, we believe in the power of partnerships and recognize the critical role our valued partners play in driving success for our customers. With our industry-leading discounts, lucrative sales incentive program (SPIF), dedicated BDR support, and quarterly rebates, we aim to empower our partners to reach new heights and expand their business horizons.

Our partner program also opens the door to additional services revenue streams, providing our partners with unique opportunities to showcase the transformative potential of human risk management alongside our enterprise-grade security awareness training and phishing solutions.

We're proud pioneers of Human Risk Management with our enterprise SaaS solution, Unify. Our groundbreaking toolset has earned recognition from esteemed analysts like Forrester and Gartner Group. This platform empowers CISOs with real-time visibility into security gaps, enabling them to make proactive and informed decisions to safeguard their organizations against threats.

Our partner program not only fosters strong relationships, but also paves the way for a safer and more secure digital landscape. Together we'll make the world more cyber secure.

Partner Program Tiers and Benefits


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High Margins, Multiple Products
Ethical, Non-Competing Partnership
Channel-First Model
Uncover CISO Value
Ideal for Consulting, Practice-building
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Living Security Offers a Category-defining Human Risk Management Platform and Much More


Unify Insights

Identify & respond to Human Risk with actionable data from employee security behavior

  • Identify Human Risk    
  • Correlate Data
  • Create Targeted Action Plans
  • Report Results
Born Secure

Security and Awareness Training

Highly-engaging content developed to change employee behavior & foster a robust security culture

  • Topical & Relevant Content
  • Metrics That Matter
  • Phishing Campaigns
  • Frequent Content Updates

Industry-Leading Phishing Solutions

Living Security's comprehensive phishing simulation and training tools test the resilience of your MFA to phishing threats and readily integrate with your existing technology, including our human risk management solution, Unify. Our Vishing and Smishing Simulators leverage AI to deliver 200+ voice simulations and 600+ SMS templates respectively, all customizable and with global language support. The automated Incident Responder swiftly detects and mitigates harmful emails while our Email Threat Simulator (ETS) exposes vulnerabilities by launching real-world attacks to your test inbox, thereby improving your defenses and optimizing your security investments.

CyberEscape Online

An Interactive cybersecurity training experience that is 16x more effective than standard training solutions.

  • Employee Engagement
  • Science Backed Methodology
  • Gamification
  • Various Scenarios

Partner Services Attach Play Examples

Living Security is here to make all companies more secure, and partners are a huge part of our success. Here are some ideas about how your business can benefit with add-on packaging and services. 

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Data Loss Protection

Gap Identified

Unify revealed that 20% of a client’s users transferred data through unauthorized means. Once training and awareness was deployed, the percentage decreased by half. 

Partner Solution Delivered

Partner identified and recommended a multifaceted DLP solution to block the unauthorized transfer of sensitive data.

Initial Client Investment

Unify: $140,000/year

Additional Partner Revenue


Human Risk Management-as-a-Service (HRMaaS)

Gap Identified

Unify identified six areas of human risk vulnerabilities, but the client does not have the staff to focus on solving them. 

Partner Solution Delivered

The partner offered a managed service to take the recommended actions, increasing the value of Unify while focusing on the most critical vulnerabilities.

Initial Client Investment

Unify: $180,000/year

Additional Partner Revenue

Managed Services: $180,000/year

Enhanced Authentication

Gap Identified

Unify revealed that 34% of company users had their credentials exposed. They had also had four successful phishing attacks in the last 90 days.

Partner Solution Delivered

The partner delivered two-factor authentication and improved access management upgrades.

Initial Investment

Unify: $100,000/year

Additional Partner Revenue


Security Awareness & Training 3.0

Gap Identified

Client’s existing security awareness and training programs did not change risky employee behaviors, exposing the organization to vulnerabilities.

Partner Solution Delivered

Partner replaced existing long-time training provider with Living Security’s immersive, interactive security awareness training and content.

Additional Partner Revenue


Living Security Solves Stakeholder Concerns

Executive Leadership and the Board of Directors

Incidents and breaches can lead to board exposure, financial losses, and impact to brand reputation. Living Security enables reporting for this specific audience.

Security Leadership

Traditional security awareness and training does not resolve security issues. Other tools do not identify critical staff awareness issues. Existing tools do not measure program effectiveness. Living Security solves for all of this. 

Program Owners

Existing tools only focus on compliance and cannot tailor content for key target employee, department, or industry segments.


Traditional content does not engage users; it is generalized rather than employee-specific. Therefore, employees are not improving security practices.

Our Clients


Learn Why KPMG Australia and Guidepoint Security, Among Others, Partner with Living Security

Forrester called our Human Risk Management platform, Unify, a "much-needed disruption" in the Security Awareness and Training market.

KPMG Australia built their cybersecurity practice around Unify.

Partner with Living Security to deliver Human Risk Management to your enterprise, global clients. 

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