Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2021: Brand New Content

Leverage this opportunity to level up your cybersecurity awareness culture. We have a simple, ready-to-go package to help you set up and execute a successful month! Plus, we will help you plan it out to be as effective as possible.



Our 2021 Cybersecurity Awareness Program will provide you with speakers, bite-sized content, team activities, puzzles, full marketing support, and more! This year’s content is designed to engage your team anywhere they may encounter cybersecurity risks—which is everywhere! This ensures you can impact their habits and start managing the human risk.


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Living Security - NCSAM 2020 Recap

Cybersecurity Awareness Month has never been more important.


Hear what over 10,000 end users from our program from last year had to say in this video.

Want To Make This Upcoming October the Best Ever?

Living Security is focusing on a comprehensive program that is a fully digital, fully gamified,
all-inclusive program that will bring engagement to your audience all month long.

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Pick one of our themes that align with your goals for the month; Phishing / Social Engineering, Privacy & Compliance, Technical & Secure Coding, or Passwords & Secure Authentication.

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Team based and individual games for your teams to play throughout the month. All activities can be tracked and incentivized on Living Security’s Leaderboards.

  • Escape Rooms; CyberEscape
  • Security Feud; think Family Feud with Security Topics covered
  • Puzzles on specific areas of focus; work from home, phishing, data security, etc.s
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Security for the home! This is an opportunity for your teams to get their families involved. This content is designed so your employees can bring their spouses, kids, parents, friends, or whoever to get some additional education. When Cyber Hygiene conversations start at home they are brought to the workplace.

  • Keynote speaker session
  • Webinars
  • Short form video content
  • Examples of Topics Covered: Security Awareness for kids and parents, safe social media, online gaming safety, tips on working remotely, IoT device security, home/guest WiFi, and more!

Featured Speakers for 2021


Kerry Tomlinson

Emmy award-winning cyber news reporter Kerry Tomlinson will guide you through the four most important basic steps for keeping yourself and your family safe while working, living and playing from home.


Through engaging story-telling from the world of TV news, Kerry will offer actionable takeaways regarding the easiest ways to keep cyber attackers out of your home, how to make sense of your home router, how to turn passwords from foes to friends, and the number one trick for keeping enemies out of your accounts 

Ryan MacDougall

Ryan MacDougall is a subject matter expert in the areas of network penetration testing, application security, protocol analysis, as well as social engineering.


He's the Chief Operation Officer at Social-Engineer, LLC and his speech topics include: Recognizing Your Value (to an Attacker), and the Human Vulnerability Scan (Applying the Attacker Mindset to Open Source Intelligence).


Chris Hadnagy

Chris Hadnagy is the founder and CEO of Social-Engineer, LLC. During Chris’ 17 years in the information security industry, he created the world’s first social engineering framework and newsletter, as well as hosted the first social engineering based podcast.


Chris' speech topics will include The Science of Social Engineering, Human Attacking For the Win!, and Phishing, Vishing, and Impersonation - OH MY!



Shelby Dacko

Shelby Dacko is a Human Risk Analyst with Social‐Engineer, LLC. Shelby’s specialties include vishing, open source intelltigence work, and educational material production. She also enjoys public speaking and teaching. Shelby defines social engineering as the act of using what you know about human behaviors to bring about your desired outcome.


Shelby's speech topics include "Understanding Vishing from the Attacker's Mindset" and "The Danny Ocean of Social Engineers". 


Introducing our New October 2021 Campaign

Privacy & Compliance 

  • 1 Campaign in the Box
    (Including: topical blogs, memes, email content, images for communications and sharing)
  • Modules, choose from:
    • Data Privacy
    • PII
    • PHI
    • PCI
    • HIPAA
    • GDPR
    • CCPA
    • PIPEDA
    • Big Idea Privacy

Phishing & Social Engineering

  • 1 Campaign in the Box
  • Modules, choose from:
    • Big Idea Phishing
    • Case In Point AFSE
    • Case In Point VEC
    • Case In Point Themed Phishing
    • Nano Phishing
    • Nano Smishing
    • Nano Spear Phishing
    • Nano Whaling
    • Nano Vishing
    • Big Idea Vishing

Technical & Secure Coding

  • 1 Campaign in the Box
  • Modules, choose from:
    • Secure Coder intro
    • OWASP intro
    • Injection attacks
    • Patching
    • Static Analysis
    • Source code Secrets
    • Authorization & Authentication
    • Vulnerability Dependencies
    • Least Privilege
    • Threat Modeling

Passwords & Secure Authentication

  • 1 Campaign in the Box
  • Modules, choose from:
    • Big Idea Passwords
    • Nano Don’t Share
    • Nano Don’t Reuse
    • Nano PW Mgr’s
    • Nano MFA
    • Nano Encryption
    • Case In Point Password Reuse

Book a Free Demo Today. Packages Start at $12.50 Per User!

"Living Security's program for cybersecurity awareness month can be tailored to any organization or audience group. It has absolutely changed the way we reach out, train, and have created proven & lasting change at Rubrik."

Senior Manager, Security Governance and Risk Management, Rubrik

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