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July 22, 2021

The Ultimate Program Owner Resource: Campaign in a Box!

As a Security Awareness Program Owner, you routinely have jam-packed days. From driving your awareness program’s strategy to creating campaign content, there’s hardly time for much else! 

But what if you didn’t have to do it all alone? 

What if there was a way to cut out some of the heavy legwork so you could focus on things the C-suite cares about—like proving your program’s value and driving its overall success?

With Living Security’s Campaign in a Box, you can! 

It’s a program owner’s go-to resource for monthly awareness campaigns, without all the hard work that comes with it. Here’s what’s included:

Campaign in a Box May - Passwords


A Core Monthly “Theme” with Weekly Assets

There are so many cybersecurity concepts to educate your users on, but where to begin? How do you approach a myriad of topics without overwhelming people? After all, you don’t want to harp on one idea too long, nor do you want to breeze over an important risk. It’s such a fine line between the two...

Experts say it takes at least 18 days to form a habit. That means your users need repeated exposure to understand complex cybersecurity concepts—not only to learn but also to retain and put them into practice. 

With our Campaign in a Box, we’ve found the perfect balance. We devote a solid month to one theme and then swiftly move onto the next! By spending approximately 30 days on an overarching topic, employees make important connections and can dive deeper into a single focus area without monotony. 

For instance, we may spend a full month educating users on phishing. We may introduce the overall concept right before the Week #1 kickoff and, with each passing week, get more granular. Perhaps Week #2 we discuss whaling and smishing and Week #3 spear phishing and vishing. Week #4 is the big round-up and gets more nitty-gritty, testing the user's true knowledge of what they’ve learned. You get the idea!

Here is an example of a year’s worth of monthly themes in Campaign in a Box. The good news is that each and every year they change, so you’re always getting something new. Even if the same core topic is repeated, it’s always covered differently.

campaign in a box

Now to the good stuff: the contents of your security awareness box!


campaign in a box

A Welcome Message—Just for You!

You now know Campaign in a Box contains monthly themes with supporting focuses each week. But though you don’t create any of the content, it’s still a lot to digest! 

Instead of just lumping weeks and week's worth of cybersecurity awareness content on you with n

o direction, we tell you exactly how to disperse it.

In our example imagery, you’ll see we spell out exactly what’s included in this month’s box and what to do with it. Talk about making it easy!


campaign in a box

A “Kickoff” Message for Users

No need to worry about how to introduce each new month’s theme to your users either.

We include a monthly “kickoff” message to launch your new security awareness campaign, which is formatted like a newsletter that you can copy and paste into an organization-wide email.

This is a pre-written announcement of the month’s theme and a quick preview of some deliverables to come. It’s the perfect way to lay the foundation for the fun content ahead!


A Shareable Blog Post

We all wish we were great writers, but let’s be honest: not everyone is! We cut out the spell check and wordsmith pressure by including a full article for you to publish on your company’s blog or to share internally on your Intranet as a helpful resource.

This core blog post usually tells a story and explains why the monthly cybersecurity theme is important. It’s always at least 600 words long and includes playful imagery or animation to break up the text and grab attention!


Chat Messages

campaign in a box

We get it: a blog post is nice, but sometimes it’s hard to convince your team to sit down for 10 full minutes to read an article.

For those who only skim the blog, we also include short, bite-sized content in the form of instant chat messages.

These are short sentences intended to be shared on internal channels like Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc., to educate without overwhelming. 

Just like the newsletter, they’re quick reminders that can be easily copied and pasted into these messaging platforms to make your life a little easier. They also include GIFs and emojis to ensure learning is always fun and entertaining.



Not only do we give you the kickoff announcement email, but we also include other emails for each week of your monthly campaign.

These emails are intended to reinforce the theme after the initial kick-off newsletter goes out—and are just one more channel to target your team. 


Timely “Mini” Boxes

As someone immersed in cybersecurity, you know there are timely lessons to be learned when others make the news for security mistakes and hacks. These real-life examples help to move your training from theory to practical use—showing your end-users specific ways companies like yours can improve your security. But because these things happen so fast and it’s impossible to drop everything to write about and share it with your team, you need a helping hand… 

That’s why we started sending surprise “mini” boxes to program owners who purchase Campaign in a Box. These smaller boxes contain a two-page newsletter meant to be used as an email to end-users, educating them on the latest breach or relevant security topic. They also come with one quick yet informative chat message to follow up with your team after they read your email. 


Unbox Your Awareness Program Resources!

Does it get any better than this?

With all these assets pre-written and ready to go, you can focus your efforts elsewhere.

Set yourself up for success with our program owner starter toolkit. Request your very own Campaign in a Box, today!



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