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June 30, 2021

5 Must-Watch Cybersecurity Webinars for Security Awareness Program Owners

Webinars are a terrific resource for learning about the newest evolutions in cybersecurity. But broad cybersecurity lectures aren’t always relevant enough for Security Awareness Program Owners—since they’re often focused on cybersecurity at large instead of awareness programs. 

That’s why we want to feature a few program owner-specific conversations with advice from real program owners like you, aimed at improving your cybersecurity awareness initiatives.

Here are five must-watch webinars every Security Awareness Program Owner should check out:

1. "From Compliance to Culture"

Many organizations adopt a security awareness initiative to fulfill compliance requirements, but when employees feel forced to complete training merely to check a box, their minds and hearts aren’t in it. In order to get your teams truly interested in better protecting your company, you must change your organization’s entire culture around security. Sound like an undertaking? With the right help, it doesn’t have to be!

In this cybersecurity webinar, Living Security’s Kelley Bray and Stephanie Pratt talk about why the “mandatory” awareness training approach often doesn’t work. They’ll also discuss how to take the ambiguous compliance requirements and make sure you’re meeting all regulatory checkmarks in your security initiative.

2. “Security Issues Facing Customer Support Teams”

For cybersecurity professionals, the rise in phishing attacks during the COVID-19 pandemic has not gone unnoticed. Social engineers have been preying on fear and panic, crafting clever stories to trick employees into granting them access to important private information. The good news is that awareness programs have been quickly pivoting to focus heavily on phishing, vishing, and all the “ishing” to let employees know what to expect.

The team at Living Security talks about some security problems that customer support teams face in particular, with an emphasis on different forms of phishing. We love this webinar; it’s so aligned with our brand messaging of making everything “human.” Listen as our best program owners tell stories of how to protect your grandma from credit card fraud and more.

3. “Why Your Phishing Program Isn’t Working” 

Many organizations are shocked to find they’ve been measuring their phishing campaign all wrong! This cybersecurity webinar poses the question, “Why is ‘did they click’ the only metric we care about tracking?” When you only concern yourself with clicks, it becomes easy to inaccurately measure your program’s success. Three-quarters of breaches are caused by something other than phishing, and not only does Living Security’s CSO Drew Rose reveal what they are, but he also talks about ways to integrate them into your program and track them.

As an added bonus, the end of the webinar digs into the importance of follow-up after a phishing campaign comes to a close, as well as some tips for shifting the culture of your phishing tests to one of trust and empowerment instead of fear. 

4. “Tips & Tricks for Effective Communication Strategies”

As a program owner, you know how hard it can be to communicate your message. For starters, your security awareness topic often changes on a monthly basis. How do you cover a subject over 30 days and help the user gain real skills, without being repetitive or annoying? It’s also important to consider the channel, or where you’re relaying your message. Where are your employees most receptive to learning about security—via Slack or messaging platform, email, etc.?

In this webinar, the Living Security team welcomes two program owners from different organizations to discuss their preferred communication channels, tactics for delivery, and—of course—how they measure the success of their awareness campaigns.

5. “Cybersecurity Awareness Month”

In this webinar, Kushboo Kashyap, Senior Manager of Security Governance and Risk Management at Ribrick, Inc., joined Jennifer Kinney, Community Engagement Manager at Living Security to discuss effective strategies to plan and execute the best Cybersecurity Awareness Month possible. Kushboo has demonstrated success in creating dynamic and effective October programs. Topics will include:

  • The importance of establishing your objectives upfront in order to align activities and drive measurable outcomes
  • Why the uptick in cybercrime makes this Cybersecurity Awareness Month the most important one yet
  • Materials to educate and train different types of learners
  • How making it fun and interesting helps you manage human risk all year

Watch The Webinar

Beyond the Webinar

It’s wonderful to listen to other program owners and cybersecurity professionals share their awareness campaign secrets of success, but when time and resources become the problem, it’s hard to apply what you’ve learned.

That’s why our team at Living Security developed Campaign in a Box

Receive new, helpful content to promote your awareness campaigns every month, without the legwork. Request more information about our resources for program owners today.

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