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The Cyber Escape Room: The Ultimate Security Training Tactic for 2021

Every year you’re looking for new ways to engage your team in cybersecurity training— and 2021 is...

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    Our head to head competition heated up at RMISC!

    Heated up at RMISC

    Everything You Wanted to Know About Cyber Escape - From Its Creators

    Living Security had a great month running Cyber Escape training games with companies of all sizes!...

    Living Security Announces the Launch of Cyber Escape

    Launch of Cyber Escape

    RMISC 2018 - Team “Escape Artists” Takes Over @ RMISC 2018!

    RMISC 2018 The attendees at RMISC 2018 could not get enough of The Living Security Escape Room! We...

    ISC² Security Congress - Living Security hosts The Security Escape Room

    ISC² Security Congress Living Security hosted the Living Security Escape Room at the ISC² Security...