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August 7, 2020

Security FUNdamentals: Secure Your Mobile Apps!

Snippets to keep security basics top of mind for everyone!

Security FUNdamental: Secure Your Mobile Apps!

Let's talk about application security... Remember when apps were all about launching birds with attitude problems and slashing fruit? Or maybe you were busy swiping left and right… Point is, we've been downloading apps since the dawn of the 21st century. But have we been securely downloading them? 

Application security means downloading approved apps from trusted sites – and NEVER from third party sites you may find online. They may appear high in search results but can contain viruses and open up your smartphone to cybercriminals. And even if some of them are generally safe to use, they may contain hidden programs which take up your space, slow down your device and can threaten your privacy.

You can also read app reviews and check out ratings before downloading to see if anyone else has reported suspicious behavior or privacy concerns. This could save you from installing something you may find difficult to get rid of later. Also, review the permissions and data the app requests and make sure it doesn’t ask for more than necessary – like your photos, contacts or your camera access. If so, find another one – lower the chances to get a sneaky spy app, which allows cybercriminals to listen or watch you.

And, just as important, keep your devices and apps updated to make the most of the work done by cybersecurity specialists and to strengthen your applications security. 

Most apps look cool and innocent. And most of them are created to entertain you. But the reality is criminals make apps that are designed to steal from you, spy on you and manipulate you. Don't help them out by downloading without thinking. Weigh the pros and cons. It's like, do you really want to accept a criminal friend request? DE-cliiine … Download security, instead. YOU ARE the app for that.


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