Security FUNdamentals: Device Security!

Snippets to keep security basics top of mind for everyone!

Securing Your Devices

Remember when device security used to be simple? Granted, computers used to be huge (and heavy) back then and it wasn’t exactly a thing for someone to just steal a mainframe. But today we have computers the size of your finger and pocket-sized mobile phones. And we usually don’t leave home without them! 

It doesn't help that the WORLD is BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). And that in March everyone switched to remote work… As a result, nowadays you probably end up carrying around not only your personal phone but also a work phone (or two) together with your work laptop (or two) and maybe even some USB sticks. Chances are you leave your home every day armed with technology like Rambo ready for a fight… 

This huge technological shift to mobile devices means that your laptops and smartphones became objects of desire for the bad guys. No wonder why – they are loaded with sensitive data such as your personal information (your passwords and credit card details) and important work-related stuff, often confidential. Stealing and using info you store there is exactly what criminals are after – for them, sensitive info = $$$$$!

Device Security

It must feel like you have to be a magician just to secure it all! And... you'd be right. So all the security wizards in the world got together and decided that people really needed to learn how to defend their devices against the dark arts. They came up with three sayings that protected all who practiced them: 

  1. Lock it before you rocket (meaning, lock your laptops before you get up from your desk);
  2. Stow before you go (meaning, securely stash your devices in a drawer or a safe before leaving on vacation);
  3. & Update or checkmate (meaning, update your devices when prompted or risk an infection on your computer)!

Locking phones and laptops make it so no stranger can access your sensitive data. Stowing devices makes sure they are safe from theft. And updates kept them up to date against known computer viruses. 


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