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October 4, 2021

Security Awareness Training or Primetime Show? You Be the Judge.

When’s the last time you watched a sitcom at work? In most workplaces, streaming a show while on the job would be frowned upon, if not a fireable offense. But if you work for one of the hundreds of companies who use Living Security for their cybersecurity training, you may find yourself enjoying a sitcom—or techno thriller, cooking show or reality-style makeover special—during work hours with your CISO’s enthusiastic approval.

Emphasis on the word “enjoy” because the most frequent feedback we get from customers and their end users is how engaging and refreshing our security awareness training is compared to what other companies in the industry offer.

What makes Living Security’s content so different? Simply put, we have the best creative team around. Our powerhouse content team includes screenwriters, instructional designers, former security awareness program owners, broadcast journalists, and seasoned creative and production pros whose TV experience includes the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Bravo.

Gone are the cringeworthy scripts, hokey animated explainers, and low-budget production you associate with corporate training videos. Instead, our security awareness training marries engaging lessons with plots and production values that would be right at home on any major streaming service.

See for yourself; check out these trailers for some of our all-time favorite Living Security series.

Secure My Life

If reality makeover shows are your thing, you’ll love Secure My Life, Living Security's newest series. Follow Maggie, Omar, and Saanvi as they respond to the cybersecurity emergency of a real person just like you.


TGIS (Thank Goodness It's Secure)

If you lived for Friday night sitcoms growing up, you’ll adore this series. Allie needed a new beginning, and a chance encounter at her local coffee shop led her to a new group of friends who welcomed her with open arms and quickly made use of her hidden talents.


Born Secure: Training Grounds

Follow Jacob Webb, codenamed xGhost, as he competes for a spot in an elite group of super-hackers who work for the government.



The Squad

Fast-paced corporate hijinks abound in The Squad, a series about four colleagues navigating a new product launch and all the security concerns that come with it.


True Eye

The world’s top AI company, True Eye, becomes the darling of global innovation with the launch of their latest personal assistant, GUIDE. Everything seems too good to be true, until it really is. An employee goes missing, GUIDE begins to malfunction and True Eye’s newest employee, Adrian, must act fast before he becomes another casualty.

CISOs and Security Awareness Program Owners love Living Security’s on-demand training and team exercises because they’re effective. Employees love our video content because it’s interactive and—unlike most other security awareness training on the market—entertaining. Are you ready for training your employees will actually enjoy and remember? Book a demo today.




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