Cybersecurity Awareness Month Package


What is Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October promotes online security awareness—educating individuals, organizations, and governments about emerging threats, best practices, and data protection. It empowers entities to safeguard their digital infrastructure.

Living Security’s turnkey program gives you access to unique training experiences, and content to use all month long. 

  • Fascinating Keynote Speakers. Topics include espionage, generational differences, A.I., and more. 
  • Fully Supported. You'll partner with a Client Success Manager who delivers a full marketing kit, planning calendar, and creative tools to help keep employees engaged.
  • A Year of Cybersecurity Awareness Content. Our program includes year-long access to free cybersecurity awareness content.



Successful Awareness Month programs have...

  • Targeted messaging that’s relevant to the intended audience, including role- and industry-specific content
  • A variety of engagement channels, such as blog posts, webinars, video, and social media 
  • Interactive training sessions, simulations, and gamification to make cybersecurity learning engaging, practical, and memorable

Read Rubrik’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month success story.

Masquerade: A Cybersecurity Mystery Experience

Tobias Barnaby has experienced the ultimate breach of privacy—the stealing and subsequent exploitation of his Netflix password! And now the guests of his infamous Masquerade Ball will take part in an investigation to root out and expose the perpetrator! 

interviews, flashbacks, and good old-fashioned detective work, you will help Tobias question those who stand accused. Summon your intuition and join us for… the Masquerade.

This is an all-new immersive virtual experience for teams. This family-friendly event features a choose-your-own-adventure format your employees won't forget. 


Each year, our speakers get booked early; slots are limited.
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Why partner with Living Security for Cybersecurity Awareness Month?

Living Security offers an "easy button" for Cybersecurity Awareness Month! 

Turnkey Program

Living Security’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month program gives you access to unique, gamified training experiences, content to use all month long, and free access to the training platform for a whole year. 

Fascinating Keynote Speakers

Our award-winning speakers feature the founder of We Hack Purple, a "Data Diva," a cybersecurity author, and a former Clandestine Officer with the Defense Intelligence Agency. 

Family-Friendly Interactive Experience

This year, we are introducing "Masquerade: A Cybersecurity Mystery Experience." This choose-your-own-adventure format with Hollywood-level production values brings your team together in an unforgettable, fun, virtual event.

End-to-End Support

With the best CSMs in the business, your team won't burn out this year. We provide internal marketing materials and messaging, a full calendar, easy scheduling, and content that more than 100,000 employees have rated five stars. We've thought of everything so you can rest easy.

Customer Cybersecurity Awareness Month Stories

“It was wonderful and surprising to hear how well espionage ties into cybersecurity and it was interesting to hear a different spin that I've never heard in my years in cybersecurity. 
We really enjoyed it!”

Julia Plotkina

University of Southern California

"Since working with Living Security, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is way, way easier than it used to be. Our team used to lose sleep every October. We see higher-than-expected engagement with the speakers and training provided in the Living Security CSAM program.”
Alaina DeGregory-Highmark

Alaina DeGregory

Highmark Health

"Living Security’s wide array of educational (and fun!!) content has improved our cyber education program tenfold. The escape room is one of our program’s highlights, and each month we typically host 5-10 escape room sessions for our colleagues and they absolutely love the experience."

Liz Jones


Read a Cybersecurity Awareness Success Story

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