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Splunk Case Study

The Client

Splunk is focused on providing a diversity of security awareness training programs and opportunities for their employees. It was with this in mind that they reached out to Living Security about adding the Living Security Escape Room to their security awareness training offerings.

The Challenge

Finding engaging, security awareness solutions that promote a security culture.


“Living Security was not only offering something no one else had but their openness to customizing a solution to fit with our company culture, rather than trying to deliver a one-fits-all-solution and promising it works for everyone, is what compelled me to say yes"

The Solution

The Living Security Escape Room

Key Achievements

99% user satisfaction rate.

What Participants Are Saying

  • “Awesome and fun experience!”
  • “It was a lot of fun and a great way to meet and work with new people at Splunk.”
  • “This was very entertaining. Much better than just watching a video and answering questions.”
  • “Fun and interactive way to learn new concepts. Much more enjoyable than a Powerpoint slide deck. More trainings should be conducted creatively like this.”
  • The escape room was a great way to refresh and learn about security in the workplace while getting to engage and meet coworkers.
  • “The experience deepened my memory of security questions as now I have a puzzle to associate each security question with rather than words on a slide.”


Why Living Security

New to the organization, Kelley Bray, Director of Security Culture and Training, and Kim Hannon, Security Awareness Program Manager, wanted to strengthen their training program by delivering trainings that were both effective and fun. They began the search for security awareness training options that were engaging, utilized different training styles and not only fulfilling compliance requirements but promoted a security culture. “We’d never seen anything beyond offering one solution that solves one issuechecking the compliance checkboxso we were excited to try this,” said Kim Hannon, Security Awareness Program Manager at Splunk. 

During their search they discovered Living Security and the newly launched LS Escape Room training solution. “We knew there had to be different ways to train other than just talking to people, but we couldn’t figure out how to make it affordable or scalable,” said Hannon.  “The LS Escape Room was a way to achieve that; to give people something to do, rather than just listening to us talk. It was experience learning and that’s exactly what we were looking for.” 

Living Security’s ability and willingness to customize and fit the solution to Splunk’s specific needs provided the missing pieces in security awareness training that Splunk was looking for. “Living Security was not only offering something no one else had but their openness to customizing a solution to fit with our company culture, rather than trying to deliver a one-fits-all-solution and promising it works for everyone, is what compelled me to say yes, let’s do this,” said Kelley Bray, Director of Security Culture and Training at Splunk.

The Experience

Splunk selected to host a licensed LS Escape Room, with an onsite train the trainer session with Living Security. This allowed them to host the LS Escape Room to multiple sites of employees across the year with Living Security’s support there every step of the way.

Splunk offered the experience to their employees and were thrilled at the response, “The majority of participants are still talking about it. ‘This is the coolest training ever!’ That’s so exciting to still be getting a lot of positive feedback months later,” said Hannon.

The LS Escape Room uses behavioral science and gamification to deliver cybersecurity training, teaching cybersecurity best practices through relevant, custom curriculum that goes beyond compliance. Through interactive game play with puzzles and challenges, participants learn to guard against threats in relevant focus areas including: insider threat, corporate espionage, email and web threats, cybercrime, password hygiene and more.

Splunk worked with Living Security to build a solution that fit their culture and security awareness needs. “I have been doing this a long time and there are few vendors that are true partners; from the first conversation, Living Security was,” said Bray. “They showed an interest in how we wanted to do things at Splunk, involved us in the design process, reflected our culture in how they developed the event and there was never a gap—anything we needed was filled immediately.”

Overall, the experience strengthened the program by building relationships among the users and a collaborative security culture, “We were looking for something that would make a huge impact in a short period of time and the Escape Room did that,” said Bray. “And it went beyond that, strengthening our program by building relationships with and between the people in the trainings.”

Next Steps for Splunk

In the future, Splunk would like to expand their offerings into role-based training and cloud-based offerings, adding Living Security’s platform to their existing options.

Splunk is currently developing a security training alliance within their organization to continue to build their training offerings. They will continue to use the LS Escape Room to deliver role-based training, adding new rooms in the future. The LS Escape Room delivers tailored, customized storylines that include role-based training through puzzles tailored to specific, targeted end users. 

Living Security’s digital training platform teaches security concepts through immersive storylines. The role-based modules reinforce security concepts, gauge your security culture and provide metrics to build a sustained security culture, determine next steps and train for the next threat, not the last.


Living Security is a cybersecurity training company, working to reduce cyber risk through impactful, human-focused training. 

Living Security’s focal point is decreasing human error–the greatest cybersecurity risk enterprises face–through immersive and intelligence-driven training solutions. Their science-based approach drives user engagement and reinforces positive security behaviors, integrates threat intelligence to train on the most relevant user-facing threats and delivers metrics that enable companies to measure the effectiveness of the program.