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September 22, 2021

What Is the Living Security Community & How Can It Help Cybersecurity Awareness Professionals?

Cybersecurity awareness training professionals, like Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and program owners, are always looking for ways to create more engaging, effective training programs. 

But while there are definitely some helpful resources for security awareness teams dotted across the Internet, never before was there one place to conveniently access it all. 

That’s why we introduced a special resource just for security awareness professionals: The Living Security Community. Here’s what it is and how it can help you deploy better security awareness programs:


What Is the Living Security Community?

Cybersecurity awareness professionals are a unique sector of the digital security community. They have the responsibility of educating individuals within a company of relevant and emerging cybersecurity threats—and sharing best practices for empowering users to protect themselves and their company. 

While other cybersecurity-focused online communities exist, there aren’t pointed spaces specifically for these cybersecurity awareness professionals. Living Security was inspired to release the first online community dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity awareness professionals!

It’s a home for collaborating and learning with other cybersecurity experts: an online hub for sharing related resources and discussing the topics most important to CISOs, cybersecurity awareness program owners, and other related professionals. 

Since its launch, the community has rapidly grown to include hundreds of members from all across the cybersecurity industry, including employees involved in security awareness training programs, thought leaders from the public and private sectors, college graduates just starting their careers, and more.


Interact on an Exclusive Forum

One of the most popular features of the Living Security Community is its Human Risk Management Forum

On the forum, members can access Trending Threads, covering recent topics such as Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Real Cybersecurity Training #bestpractices, Are employees going back to the office?, and more. They can also interact with a Questions and Answers module, asking or answering questions and building relationships with other industry professionals. And let’s not overlook its Jobs tab, where community members can find hiring opportunities specific to their niche. 


Stay Informed About Upcoming Events

One of the easiest ways to bond with like-minded individuals is to participate in shared activities. That’s why our team at Living Security offers a packed calendar of internal events—like our Breaking Security Awareness Webinar Series—to keep Community members ever-engaged. Explore our Upcoming Events to see what’s around the corner!


Peruse Educational Resources

What would an online cybersecurity awareness training community be without helpful resources for educating your organization? 

Living Security’s Community Education and Training Directory connects you to informative materials about the latest breaches and related cybersecurity topics, such as Mini Campaigns in a Box, webinars, podcasts, blogs, and more.


Share Ideas for Making Living Security Even Better!

Thanks to our dedicated members, the Living Security Community is continually growing. With its expansion comes opportunities to improve—and we turn to our members for ideas to make both the Community and Living Security products or offerings even more informative, communal, and empowering. 

That’s why we welcome members to share ideas to improve the community, right within their private login. Some categories for improvement ideas include:

  • Education, Marketing, and Communications Resources for End Users. Ideas and suggestions for one-pagers, blogs, Campaigns in a Box, etc.

  • Living Security Teams. Ideas for improving the platform or storylines for Teams: CyberEscape Online or Teams: Virtual Tabletop Experience.

  • Living Security Training. Ideas and suggestions for our Training Platform's modules, nano-modules, puzzles, etc.

Sign Up for the Community

Our team at Living Security developed this special community to support cybersecurity leaders just like you. 

We realize the challenges of your role, so let's help each other by sharing what's working best in your human risk management program! 

Sign up for your free membership and stay in the know today.

Living Security Community

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