The Latest From Breaking Security Awareness Webinar Series

With remote work providing new access points for threat actors, cybersecurity is at the forefront of every organization’s agenda. 

Through webinars featuring program owner-specific conversations and advice from real program owners like you, you’ll find timely and relevant information aimed at improving your organization’s cybersecurity awareness initiatives. 

Here are three of the latest must-watch webinars for improving your organization’s cybersecurity culture: 


1.  “Cybersecurity Awareness Month”

In honor of the 18th year of Cybersecurity Awareness Month, Khushboo Kashyap, the senior manager of security governance and risk management at Rubrik, joins Living Security’s Jennifer Kinney to talk about kick-starting proven, lasting change in your organization’s security culture during Cybersecurity Awareness Month—and how to make that change last all year. 

They also discuss the three key indicators of a positive security culture shift in your organization, which are: 

  • Engagement
  • Relationships
  • Dialogue

This webinar explains why these factors are vital, how to encourage them within your organization, and how to notice whether or not they are occurring. 

You’ll also learn how to protect yourself and those around you from the most common threats, encourage your employees to own the role they play in cybersecurity, and create a positive security culture change in your organization. Kashyap also discusses why the uptick in cyber crime makes this Cybersecurity Awareness Month the most important one yet. 

These two cybersecurity specialists discuss how to plan ahead, create goals, and find what works best for your organization to have the most successful events throughout October. 

In this cybersecurity webinar, you’ll get the information you need to be educated, engaged, and secure this Cybersecurity Awareness Month. 

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2. “The CISO Perspective” 

George Finney, the chief security officer (CISO) at Southern Methodist University, joins Living Security’s CEO and co-founder Ashley Rose in this cybersecurity webinar to discuss creating a positive, lasting change in security culture by making your employees your biggest security asset. 

These two experts discuss creating an empathetic cybersecurity culture, spreading knowledge across the organization, exemplifying how each employee can take personal responsibility to be a part of the security team, and more, all from the perspective of a CISO. 

They also discuss the importance of creating a community of cybersecurity-focused individuals to help keep everyone on your team safe, accountable, and consistently improving their own security. By identifying one’s individual strengths, your employees can help educate and encourage one another to improve their security practices at work and home. 

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3. “Unifying Risk” 

Drew Rose, Living Security’s CSO and co-founder, joins Damon DePaolo, the director of cybersecurity talent and education at MassMutual, to have a conversation on guiding CISOs and security program owners to identify, quantify, and manage human risk. 

In this cybersecurity webinar, DePaolo discusses what unifying risk means to him, finding (and solving) the biggest human risks, and connecting human events to existing data. He also discusses the importance of providing relatable cybersecurity education to the people in your organization. He emphasizes the importance of creating and maintaining a training program that your employees can relate to and leveraging that connection to create a more meaningful and applicable experience. 

“It’s all about taking small steps and adjusting along the way,” DePaolo says during this webinar regarding creating lasting cybersecurity changes. He discusses the importance of talking to your end users and asking them for feedback on the current security culture and how it can be improved. 

You’ll learn how to enable your employees to create a positive, more security-focused organization, exercise your cybersecurity muscles, and reduce risk. You might also catch some friendly debate on which fictional characters would make the best CISO!

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Looking for more information? Our cybersecurity webinar and podcast library features experts speaking on the issues that affect your organization daily and providing advice on how to create a positive and effective security culture. 


Beyond the Webinar

It’s wonderful to listen to other program owners and cybersecurity professionals share their awareness campaign secrets of success, but when time and resources become the problem, it’s hard to apply what you’ve learned.

That’s why our team at Living Security developed Campaign in a Box.

You can instantly deploy a month's worth of security awareness education to end users, inspire team members to create meaningful change by showing them the importance of cybersecurity, communicate with your team in a way that works best for your organization, and more. 

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