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Living Security named a Leader in Forrester's Security Awareness and Training Solutions Wave Report

Learn more about what Forrester Research is calling "much-needed disruption in a long-stagnant market."

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"Living Security builds on its content roots to tackle human risk management."

Living Security began in 2017 as a content- and experience-driven vendor with the goal of making security awareness more engaging. Its content vision has always been differentiated; customer references note the vendor’s innovation, ability to think outside the box, and view of the market’s possibilities. In 2021, it shifted its to human risk quantification services using its new Unify platform and plans to move toward measuring and tracking large numbers of behaviors and articulating their risk. 

This busy small company has attracted multiple rounds of venture capital and has an R&D budget of more than 100% of revenue. Currently, Living Security has a limited number of partners and relies primarily on direct sales. Living Security offers excellent content and training experiences; its highly diverse content library includes video content and assessments, computer-based training, interactive puzzles, simulations, marketing material, and gamified learning such as virtual escape rooms. 

In 2021, the vendor partnered with 10 enterprise customers to build Unify, a data-driven approach to measuring security behavior and creating targeted, individualized training. At this stage, Unify’s human risk scoring is still largely based on learner performance. To measure security culture, Living Security enables clients to assess culture, conduct surveys, and evaluate the perceived risk of cyberthreats. Security leaders who want to work outside of the box and are willing to co-create solutions should consider Living Security.

Living Security’s mission is to help prevent cybersecurity breaches with a human risk management solution that does more than meet compliance needs, it also truly changes behavior.

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