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See All Risk. Act Efficiently. Improve Security.

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Total Visibility into Human Risk.

Unify pulls data from your existing security tools to identify your riskiest users on one platform. Forget manual reporting across tools. 

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Take Targeted Action.

You'll see exactly where to focus efforts to mitigate risk among the most vulnerable.

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Continuously Improve Security Behaviors.

Measure the impact of tools and behaviors to continuously mitigate your overall risk.

What is Human Risk Management?

Organizations spend billions on cybersecurity technology, yet 80% of security breaches result from human actions. Human risk management looks at how your users take risks every day, highlighting the riskiest employees. This data comes from the technologies you already own, then shows it to you at a person, team, or role level.

When you see your riskiest users, you can take swift action—more training, new policies—and make the biggest impact on security by focusing on these users and ignoring more vigilant ones.

It's a proactive approach that helps you take the most efficient steps to improve your security posture. Unify by Living Security leads the industry in human risk management. Here's how it works. 

See Data From Your Technology In a New Way

For the first time, see data from all your cybersecurity technologies correlated to individuals, teams, locations, and roles. No wrangling reports from various tools. Get more value from your technology investments.

Identify Human Risk

On one pane of glass, Unify shows you which employees are taking risks with data. Is the Accounting team clicking on phishing emails? Is the Cleveland office "working around" their MFA? These insights fuel conversations that drive understanding and next actions.

Take Targeted Action 

Armed with the view of the exact employees taking specific risks, you can pinpoint policy changes or deploy additional training directly to those who need it. Prioritizing your riskiest users makes the biggest, fastest impact on your security posture.

Easily Report Business Results 

Unify shows you risky behaviors, prioritizes next actions, and shows you the impact of the changes—all on one pane of glass. You can report results directly from Unify without spending hours manually collating data from each of your cybersecurity tools. 

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Start Your Human Risk Journey

Our Interactive Tool Shows How Your Own Data Can Help You Address Specific Human Risk Outcomes. Give it a try. 

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What Our Clients Say


All Risks in One Place

“Unify correlates data about risky behaviors in one place so I could learn things that I hadn’t known before. I could see who was getting targeted the most with phishing messages—by individuals, roles, and business units. Previously, to see this level of information, I would have to go into Workday and Microsoft O365 and pull that together manually, but with Unify it’s built in.”

Brian Markham, Chief Information Security Officer


Absolutely Love the Experience

"Living Security's wide array of educational (and fun!!) content has improved our cyber education program tenfold. The escape room is one of our program's highlights, and each month we typically host 5-10 escape room sessions for our colleagues and they absolutely love the experience."

Senior Associate of Information Security Awareness & Response


Proven & Lasting Change

"Living Security's program for cybersecurity awareness month can be tailored to any organization or audience group. It has absolutely changed the way we reach out, train, and have created proven & lasting change at Rubrik."

Senior Manager, Security Governance & Risk Management


Finding Efficiency & Scale

“Traditional security and awareness is one of the few departments on the security team that didn’t have any really good technical tools. And so for the first time with Unify Insights, you’re empowering them with the data that you already have. I believe human risk management is the future of traditional security awareness, and we are excited to be on the leading edge of that.”

Chief Information Security Officer


Universe of Possibilities

“When I was presented with the opportunity to give Unify Insights a whirl, I jumped at it, because it was a chance for me to correlate all that data. And in doing so, I could learn things that I hadn’t known before. I could see who was getting targeted the most with phishing messages. I could go into the business unit. I could go into people with similar job roles. Things that I could do if I wanted to go into Workday and then go into Microsoft O365 and pull that together, but with Unify it’s just built in.”

Chief Information Security Officer


Higher-than-Expected Engagement

"Since working with Living Security, Cybersecurity Awareness Month is way, way easier than it used to be. Our team used to lose sleep every October. We see higher-than-expected engagement with the speakers and training provided in the Living Security CSAM program.”

Enterprise Risk & Governance: Human Risk Management


Scaling User Engagement

“Living Security is on the cutting edge of where we need to get to in terms of how we are training our associates—gamification and small tidbits of information at a pace that works for them.”

Manager of Information Security Training and Awareness


A Life Less Boring

"Living Security's training has made our lives so much less boring."

Agency Specialist


Our Clients