Security FUNdamentals: Don’t Share Passwords

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Don't Share Passwords

Sharing isn't always caring

Not only is sharing passwords as nasty as a used toothbrush, it's also super unsecure. There are a few scenarios where you might want to, but here's why you don't share passwords. No amount of promises will ensure that a shared password doesn't get re-shared, and shared again, until your second-uncle once-removed has access to all your baby pictures online AND your Netflix account. This is the easiest way to lose control not only of your passwords but also of things random people know about you. And the more they know about you, the more vulnerable you become. Vulnerability is exactly what cybercriminals excel at exploiting!

But I love sharing!

What if you reaaally need to share a password, you ask? Those things happen – you may want someone to have access to an app you like or to a utility bill you both pay. If this is the case, see if there is a way to help them create an account of their own. Most services which allow sharing, have this option available. That way, you keep positive control over your account, password and online safety. Another way to deal with it? Use a password manager. Those useful programs have an option of sharing credentials without disclosing them to the person you want to share them with. Isn’t it just a perfect solution, not only in your personal life, but also at the workplace, where sharing passwords is a common problem, which may lead to serious breaches?

Eww, now what?

What if you share it anyway? And it gets re-shared, and someone logs in as you? First, you can’t be sure why they’re logging in and what they want to do (but believe me, if someone is using your credentials to log in without your knowledge, they can’t have good intentions…). Second, you would never know their identity. You get the point, sharing is not caring with passwords … or toothbrushes.


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