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Living Security Partner Rules of Engagement

Living security is dedicated to recognizing and rewarding the efforts of internal and external partners who contribute to our success. Our partner program is designed to acknowledge and incentivize partners who excel in closing deals. This document outlines the various deal types and associated margins, plus the requirements and guidelines for our program.



Referral Partners

Certain partners may wish to only pass opportunities to Living Security’s sales team who then run the sales cycle and closed deals. These resellers will be managed by Living Security distributors.


Engaged Opportunity

In cases where a deal has already been registered with another entity, the engaging partner has the opportunity to quote the deal at an engaged margin, fostering healthy competition.


Second Movers

Partners that submit a deal registration that is already an approved deal registered opportunity.


Deal Registration

Partners registering net-new deals with Living Security are eligible for their maximum margin based on their program level. This competitive edge in pricing positions the registering partner to effectively close the deal.


Market Development Funds

Certified and Elite tier partners can apply for funds towards pipeline building activities including trade shows, local events, or other activities. Activities must be approved by Channel Marketing.


Quarterly Incentive Program

Elite partners will receive a percentage every quarter that can be applied to existing invoices and/or pooled towards market development funds.


Dedicated BDR

Elite partners will have access to a Living Security outbound specialist that will work with reps that are focused on new customer acquisition. Living Security marketing tools such as 6sense, Zoominfo, Hubspot, and others can be leveraged to support activities.


Program Guidelines

Our partnership is built on mutual success, where your triumphs translate to ours. We provide comprehensive support to facilitate your journey towards becoming a Certified or Premier partner. Our program requirements are tailored to accelerate your Living Security business and expedite your path to partner excellence.


To achieve specific program levels, partners must contribute to our annual net-new revenue target. This is calculated by totaling approved registered deals that have been successfully won by the partner within a calendar year.

Deal Registration Process

At Living Security, we value transparent and trustworthy relationships. Our deal registration process is a reflection of these values, designed to empower partners for success. Here's how it works:



  • Certified and Elite tiered partners. Minimum of $10K ARR reseller cost.
  • We determine deal registration (DR) approval based on the product that a customer is considering, not just the customer’s name alone. If the product or service is net-new to Living Security, it is DR-eligible.
  • The deal registration was submitted before a Request for Information (RFI), Request for Proposal (RFP), or Request for Quote (RFQ) becomes public.
  • Partners seeking deal registration approval must provide specific information at the time of registration including information about budget approval, expected close date, key decision makers, product relevance, and demo scheduling.

Approval Status Notification

Partners will receive notifications based on the status of their deal registration including Approved or Denied.

Timelines for Deal Registration

Deal Registrations are valid for 90 days upon approval. During this period, the partner must continue to demonstrate their ability to move the sales process forward by providing frequent updates to the assigned Living Security sales representatives. Deal registration extensions will be approved by Living Security on a case-by-case basis.

Program Levels and Changes

Living Security's partner program levels are reviewed quarterly. Partners meeting requirements for a higher tier before the review may advance immediately. We reserve the right to adjust the program and its terms at any time, with changes communicated through the Partner Portal.

Code of Ethics

This Code of Conduct ("Code") applies to all entities, suppliers, vendors, contractors, consultants, partners (including channel partners), and other third-party providers that extend goods or services to, or on behalf of, Living Security. Any inquiries regarding this document are to be directed to Living Security's Legal Department at:

Partner Program Tiers and Benefits

Partner Tiers Aug 2023

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