VillageMD Pinpoints its Riskiest Users with Unify Insights


The Client: VillageMD

VillageMD, a prominent healthcare provider in the United States, was searching for an efficient and streamlined method to enhance its security culture. As a leading provider of healthcare for organizations, VillageMD wanted to focus on a primary care-led, high-value clinical model. The company provides physicians with the necessary tools, technology, operations, and staffing support to deliver the highest quality clinical outcomes across a population. The Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Dan Walsh, recognized the importance of using data to empower the business and make necessary changes.

The Challenge: Lack of Data to Make Cyber Risk Decisions

Dan Walsh has worked in Fortune 10 companies and advised startups. He has a broad background in security application development and data and is a security startup consultant, former adjunct professor, security examination developer, and contributor to open source security projects. He understands that data is important, but a data-driven approach means nothing if the human element isn’t highly considered. He previously tried to pull together in-house automation and scripting to pull and aggregate data on cyber risk within his organization but was faced with the challenge of analyzing vast amounts of data to identify the greatest threats and make clear decisions on what to prioritize.

“Traditional security and awareness is one of the few departments on the security team that didn’t have any really good technical tools. For the first time with Unify Insights, you’re empowering them with the data that you already have.”

To empower behavior changes across the workforce and drive lasting change in security culture, Dan needed to "measure what you want to know and report on what you want to change." He realized the best way to mitigate the human side of risk or manage human risk is to find high-risk areas and focus his team’s efforts on mitigating the risk to the organization.

The Solution: Human Risk Management with Unify Insights

Dan chose Unify Insights, a human risk management solution from Living Security, to help enhance VillageMD's security culture. With Unify Insights, Dan can identify high-risk areas and focus on what to do with the information. The solution provides him with intelligence and context to discuss risky behaviors, present the business reasons for changing the behavior, and identify actions the security organization can take to mitigate the risk. For instance, he noted that "90% of the risky activities by the VillageMD workforce have a legitimate business reason." With Unify Insights, Dan has found efficiency and scale to drive human risk management, and his team's efforts have successfully mitigated risks to the organization.

“Human risk management is the future of traditional security awareness; we are excited to be on the leading edge.”

Dan Walsh
Chief Information Security Officer


The Result: Pinpointing Riskiest Users

With the help of Unify Insights, Dan can pinpoint departments that are most vulnerable to cyber risks and also gain a deeper understanding of the data to make informed decisions. According to Dan, 90% of the VillageMD workforce's risky activities have legitimate business reasons. Unify Insights equips Dan with the necessary context to start discussions on risky behaviors, explain the reasons behind the need for change, and devise strategies for the security team to reduce risks.

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