The Human Risk Management Playbook:

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When 90% of breaches are attributed to human error it's clear is that most security awareness programs aren't working as well as they need to. Program owners struggle with outdated content, single-focus, phishing-centric programs, a lack of executive support, and a lack of guidance for program owners to select the right play to use at the right time.

Your free Human Risk Management Playbook will show you how to overcome the top 6 security awareness challenges, with detailed plays for use cases like: 

  • Phishing Remediation - how to measure and improve recognition and response 
  • New Hire Training - how to create the right relationship and establish the right security baseline
  • Role-based Training - get the right content specific to their role 
  • Annual Training - go past compliance check-the-box and drive meaningful lasting change. 

Some highlights from the winning plays: 

  • Sample programs for the use cases
  • Ideal outcomes to target and how to get there
  • Multiple role-based bundles that meet compliance while improving your security posture
  • How to (re)build your annual program into more than just check-the-box training.

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How Much Better Is Our Human Risk Management Solution?

A Fortune 50 client ran a test:

45% lower click rate on phishing simulations by the Living Security group vs general employees.


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