Rubrik’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month Success Story


Rubrik is a leader in Cloud Data Management, providing cloud software to thousands of businesses worldwide. Rubrik secures workloads running in the cloud, on-prem, or at the edge to keep customers protected and compliant. Rubrik is a fast-moving organization where employee culture and development is key to protecting workloads and the data that fuels the organization and its customers.

Challenge: Crush Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Rubrik’s culture values ongoing education and training for its employees to ensure companies follow best practices and employees are well-versed in risk mitigation. Its commitment to ongoing training requires strategic education that is customized, memorable, and impactful. When it came time to select a partner for its Cybersecurity Awareness Month training activities, Rubrik wanted to find a solution that was both interactive and engaging.

The Solution: Living Security's Cybersecurity Awareness Month package

Rubrik partnered with Living Security to develop a customized program tailored to Rubrik’s company culture. Rubrik’s corporate security leadership had created a security culture and education program focusing on positive reinforcement, rewards and recognition for good behavior, incentives for participation, and interactive, “in the moment” learning. Living Security’s CSAM solution was a perfect fit for Rubrik, offering interactive, fun sessions with gamification through its company-wide leaderboards.

The Rubrik team worked with Living Security to develop an education program which encouraged participation through leaderboards, among other tactics. Rubrik’s employees took part in weekly activities such as interactive escape rooms, Lunch & Learns, and other educational activities throughout the month.

"With security threats always looming in the background, it's essential that our workforce understands the risks. Rubrik puts a great deal of effort into ongoing trainings and we wanted to do it right. That's why we worked with Living Security for our Cybersecurity Awareness Month activities."

Vinitha Varadarajan
Senior Director, Information Security

Vinitha Varadarajan

The result: New skills for employees and their families

Rubrik’s Cybersecurity Awareness Month program was a great success in part due to the emphasis on interactive education and gamification. Throughout the month, employees participated in sessions about password managers, phishing simulation campaigns, and securing their personal devices. The robust program enabled Rubrik employees to develop skills and build out their cybersecurity knowledge, engage in active learning and debate around cybersecurity topics, and cultivate a stronger security mindset.

Rubrik was also excited to incorporate Living Security’s Family First sessions to provide employees with resources to help keep their families safe online. The sessions were a huge hit with employees, and a great example of how CSAM activities can go beyond the workplace and create an impact at home.

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