Campaign in a Box:
Instantly Improve Your Security Awareness Program

Here's a free sample of content our clients enjoy: a hot take on PASSWORDS!

When you implement Campaign in a Box, you're setting yourself up to look like a champ. Employees love the content, awareness is raised, and response to cyber threats is improved; plus, you're making your own life a lot easier! Campaign in a Box helps you:

  • Instantly deploy a month's worth of security awareness education to end users 
  • Effectively evangelize users to make meaningful change
  • Clearly communicate with users via email, chat programs, and your intranet 
  • Finally show employees the "why" behind security awareness training. 

Your FREE Passwords campaign includes: 

  • End user-ready messages organized around a unified theme
  • A kickoff message for end users to send via email
  • A core blog post to link to or republish on your intranet
  • A week-by-week communication guide with chat messages and email updates.

Show me the free Passwords Campaign!

Traditional Security Training Isn't Good Enough

One of the biggest challenges that all security awareness program owners face is getting their users to understand the “why” behind the program. To provide timely and impactful training, you need to evangelize and communicate with your employees. Living Security delivers valuable assets you can use every day to educate users. Request Your Free Campaign in a Box Now!