How do I configure the Training Platform?

Before launching, please review you have configured these areas to ensure launches and end user communication execute as expected.


  1. Update point of contact for end users -  Found in Settings -> Campaign Settings
    1. Name and email address that will be displayed on system generated emails
  2. Update access for other admins - Found in User Management
    1. Add the user, then update their access to Company Admin
    2. When the user is made a Company Admin, a welcome email is sent.
      NOTE - when updating, values do not append, they replace.
  1. Walk through Campaign Settings - Found in Settings
    1. Action Execution Time - Update to your local time zone
    2. Email Notifications - Decide if Managers should get notified of direct reports receiving upcoming and past due notifications
    3. Security Administrators - this is end user point-of-contact mentioned above
    4. Passwordless Assignments - Decide if users that click on training CTAs in notifications should bypass authentication
    5. Quizzes / Passing Grade - Enables the option in campaigns, which also turns on for all LMS Gateway files; and set the passing grade percentage
  2. Setup Domain Sending Authentication - Found in Settings - > User Domains 
    1. Changes name and email address of sender for system generated emails
    2. Detailed instructions:
  3. Provision Users
    1. Decide how you will provision users, and add them.
    2. Detailed instructions:

Prepping for campaign launch:

  1. Customize Notifications
  2. Pull in campaign template(s) and add custom notifications
  3. Create Audience(s)
  4. Create and launch TEST campaign with a STATIC audience