How To Create Custom Email Notifications on the Training Platform

With Custom Email Notifications, you are able to create unlimited templates for the 3 training notifications available when launching a Campaign. The 3 available notifications are as follows:

  • Assignment Notifications (Assigned to You)- Sent to audience selected in the Campaign when the content launches to their dashboard
  • Due Date Reminder (Assignment Day Due) - Sent to Audience to let them know the due date is approaching
  • Past Due Notifications (Assignment Overdue) - Sent to Audience once the due date has passed

To create a template for any of the 3 notifications, navigate to Notifications within the Settings section of the menu on the left of the screen. 


Next, you can click on 'Create New' to start customizing a template. 

Then, you will name your template and select which of the 3 Notifications this template is for. If you are making multiple templates for each category, we recommend uniquely naming the templates for organizational purposes. After, click 'Create Notification'. 

Clicking on 'Create Notification' will bring you to a new window with the template you can edit. The first thing you will notice is that you can edit the subject line of the Notification email as well as the type of notification right next to the subject line. 

Next, you will have the following text boxes that you will be able to edit:

Here is a Snapshot of each section on a test email:

  • Greeting

  • Intro (Email Header)

  • Get Started (Top Button)

  • Call to Action for Assignments

  • Start Now (Bottom Button)

  • Contact Admin Language

Here is a copy of the full test email for reference:

The following section will automatically be switched out with your Security Administrator:

This can be edited by clicking on the Settings Toggle > 'Configuration' > 'Campaigns'.

You can add a Security Administrator contact or edit an existing Security Administrator. 

After you have completed customizing notification template, you will have the option to test out the template by clicking on 'Send Test Email' in the top right corner. 

This test email will be sent to your email address that you used to log in to the Training Platform. Please note, if you send a test email, you will need to wait 15 seconds before you can send another test email.

The last section you are able to customize on the Custom Notifications tab is the Branding. 

The Primary Color changes the color of the 'Get Started" and 'Start Now' buttons. In this example, the color has been changed to Red:

The Secondary Color changes the background of the email. In this example, the Secondary Color has been changed to black:

Here is an example of the Secondary Color being set to white:

You are also able to replace the Living Security Logo with your own organizations logo. The file needs to be in PNG format and less than 5MB in size. 

For any changes, remember to click the Save Changes button. The Save Changes button only applies to the Customize Branding section.

The logo will replace the Living Security Logo shown in the screenshot below:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at