Training Platform - How to notify participants their training is past due

There are two ways to keep your end users aware of past due training.

  1. You can automate notifications when creating your training campaign
  2. You can send a manual notification through Campaign Details

1. Automated Past Due Notifications

As you build your Campaign, you can associate past due notifications to each Content Block.

  1. Toggle Training Notifications on and you will see three notification types:
  2. Click on the plus icon below Past Due Notifications to select a standard Living Security template, or a customized notification from your collection.
  3. Determine the frequency for sending Past Due Notifications
  4. To remove the notification, select the trashcan symbol on the right.

    2. Manual Past Due Notifications

    After launching your campaign, you can email those that are past due directly through your training platform.

    1. Create a Custom Email in Notifications
    2. Click into Campaign Details from Analytics Campaigns Tab
    3. Once in the Campaigns Detail screen
      • Filter by the Status Overdue
      • Check off the users you would like to email
      • Click Send Notification and you will be able to select your custom email.