Analytics: Participants


In the Participants tab, you will be able to see reporting averaging all your participants at the top (1), or, you can view a specific Participant in the Training platform(2). 

In the top half of the Participant report (1), you will be able to see the following reports:
  • Average Security Score: This measures the average security score of all participants within the Training platform. 
  • Security Scores: A breakdown of what percentage of your participants fall between 3 categories (High Security Score, Medium Security Score, Low Security Score). 
  • Completed Series: How many series have been completed by your participants. 
  • Completed Independent Modules: How many modules have been completed by your participants. 

In the bottom half of the Participants Analytics (2), you will be able to see a breakdown by participant on their status and progress within the Training platform. Click on the Participant you would like to review to get an assignment drill-down table. 

You will be able to see Content Type, Content Title, Assignment Type, etc. in the column. To get a breakdown of what this information is referencing, you can click on the (i) informational button. 

Once you click on the (i) informational button, you will have two tabs. The Participant Analytics Main Table information, first half of the Participant Tab (1), and the Drill-Down table, second half of the Participant Tab (2). You can switch between the two and get a breakdown of what each column is referencing. 

Next to the (i) informational button exists a settings toggle where you can remove any items you are not interested in knowing. However, you will not be able to uncheck First Name, Last Name, or Email. 

You will also be able to see a count of all your Participants. You can also leverage the search bar to look up a specific Participant instead of scrolling page by page. 


  • Count - Unique participants who have been enrolled in a campaign during the selected date range on the dashboard.
    • This number includes users who have been blocked or removed from the campaign.
You are also able to click on the Download button if you wish to download the report in an CSV sheet. When downloading, you will have two options to choose from: Participants and Assignments

Participants Download: 
This download references the general Participants Dashboard. However, while similar to the Participant UI Table, the download does not include blocked or removed users. This report is updated once daily. 

Assignment Download: 
This download references the Participant drilldown dashboard. This download will include blocked users. The Assignment Download report updates in real-time. 


  • Should the Participants Count on Participants Analytics Dashboard be the same as the Participants count on the Campaigns Analytics Dashboard?

Assuming there is a campaign for all users, these numbers will match.  The Participants Dashboard is a count of all users who are part of any campaign. The Campaign Dashboard shows total users by Campaign.  

(Please note that both counts include users who may no longer be a part of the campaign.  This includes users that have been blocked or users who were removed from the campaign after it launched.)

  • Should the Participants counts on the reporting dashboards be the same as the participants count in the Campaign Builder?

These numbers could be different for 2 reasons:

  1. If the campaign audience is updated, it will be reflected in the campaign builder.  However, since the Dashboard counts only update once a day, their respective participant counts will only update on the next daily refresh. 
  2. The Campaign Builder count does not include users who were blocked or removed, which the Dashboard views do.

  • Why do the user counts between Participants Dashboard view and the Participants Download have different counts?

The Participants Download also does not include blocked users.

  • In the Participant Dashboard view, why does my Assignments drilldown data, showing details of all campaigns, not match the higher-level table data?  

The Participants Assignments drilldown data is updated in real-time, so a Program Owner can see who has completed assignments on the given day.  The high-level table, however, is only calculated once per day.  So the table might show a user as Not started, but if the user completed the assignment during the same day, the assignments drilldown would correctly show the user as complete.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us! We're happy to help.