Analytics: Campaigns

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In the Campaigns tab under Analytics, you will be able to view the progress of your Campaigns and an overall status. 

The top half of the Campaigns tab will be focused on Campaigns, Participant count, Completion Rate, and Accuracy. You will also be able to see the last time the information on this tab was refreshed and download a copy of the Campaign analytics in .csv format. (Please note, reporting refresh varies based on where in the Campaigns tab you are looking an. Check out THIS article for update frequencies.)
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This count will be for all campaigns whether Active, Stopped, or Archived. The donut will be able to differentiate between the 3 categories. 

This count is not a unique count.  It is a count of users across all campaigns (Archived, Stopped & Active).

Completion Rate
% - ratio of "On Track" participants and "Current Participant Count" expressed as a percentage

% - ratio of questions correctly answered by total questions answered

The Campaign dashboard is updated once Daily. The Campaigns CSV download will include Blocked Users in the report. 

The bottom half of the Campaign Analytics dives deeper into each campaign individually. 

You will get a total count of of the campaigns based on the status chosen. You can toggle between All Campaigns, Active Campaigns, and Stopped Campaigns. 
Next, you will be able to see each Campaign and data in the associated columns per Campaign. 

Campaign Name: 
The name of the Campaign

Status of the Campaign (Active, Stopped, Archived)

Current Participant Count:
This number represents unique participants currently enrolled within audiences associated with the campaign. This will include users who were later blocked or removed from the campaign. 

On Track:
The number of participants that have completed all assigned content.

The number of participants that have NOT completed all assigned content. 

Completion Rate:
The ratio of "On Track" participants and "Current Participant Count" expressed as a percentage

Participants Overdue:
The number of participants that have not completed mandatory content. 

Delinquency Rate:
The ratio of "Participants Overdue" to sum of the Participants Assigned Mandatory Content expressed as a percentage. 

Average Content Completion Time:
Average of the time participants took to complete content in minutes.

Correctness vs Total Questions:
The number of questions answered correctly vs the total questions. 

Participant Accuracy:
The ratio of Questions Correct and Questions Answered expressed as a percentage. 

You can also view this information by clicking on the (i) informational button. 

💡In the Campaigns Report, you will also have the ability to access a Campaign Details Report by clicking on a Campaign Name. Check out our article Analytics: Campaign Details Report to learn more. 


Should the Participants Count on Participants Analytics Dashboard be the same as the Participants count on the Campaigns Analytics Dashboard?

Assuming there is a campaign for all users, these numbers will match.  

The Participants Dashboard is a count of all users who are part of any campaign.  

The Campaign Dashboard shows total users by Campaign. 

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us! We're happy to help.