Training Platform - Manager Summary Emails Overview

When an end-user is enrolled in an active Campaign, there will be 3 available notifications that you can enable for the end-user to receive. The three notifications are: Content Assigned, Due Date Approaching, and Past Due notification. 

With Manager Summary Emails turned on, Managers will receive a summary email of all their direct reports' email notifications. To turn on Manager Summary Emails, as a Company Admin, you will need to follow two steps to ensure everything is configured correctly on the Training Platform. Once Manager Summary Emails have been configured and turned on, the emails will be sent in conjunction with the email notifications sent to end-users.

Manager Summary Email Setup:

  1. Turn on Manager Email Notifications 
    For a refresher on how to turn on Manager Email Notifications, check out our How do I turn on Managers' Notifications for Training? article. 
  2. Make sure your users have a Manager Email attribute assigned. 
    Click on the settings toggle in the upper right corner and click on User Management.

In Columns, add a check box next to Manager Email and scroll through your users to ensure that each user has a manager email associated. The Manager must also exist as a User in User Management. 

⛔ Please Note: If there is no manager email for a user or if the manager is not in the Training Platform as a user, the Manager Summary Email will not send anything even if it is enabled. 

📝 If you have your Active Directory enabled through SCIM or JIT provisioning, you will not be able to manually edit attributes as this will be automatically pulled from your Active Directory. 

What is included and how does it look?

You have verified that your Email Notifications Setting is turned on in Configuration, and ensured your users have at least a manager email associated, so what sort of information does the Manager Summary Email provide? 

Whenever a campaign is launched, email notifications have been turned on for the campaign, and this setting is enabled, the manager of one or more users in the audience will get a summary of any email notifications sent to their direct report(s). The following list is all that will be available for the managers:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Campaign Name
  • Assignments 
  • Training Type (Optional vs Mandatory)
  • Due Date
  • Sent on Date

The following information will be delivered through a CSV download that will be hyperlinked in the Manager Summary Email. There will also be a hyperlink to our What do new Training email notifications look like for users? article. Here is a snapshot of what the Manager Summary Email:

Please note: the CSV download that is hyperlinked will expire after 7 days.

Here is a snapshot of the sample CSV file that was hyperlinked in the Manager Summary Email:

As shown in the CSV file, if a user is in more than one Campaign, you will see multiple rows with the same user but different Campaign Name, Assignments, and even Training Type and Due Dates.

There will also be a summary email that will be sent for the other two notifications as well: Due Date Approaching and Past Due notifications.

Customization Options

⚙️ The frequency in which Manager Summary Emails will be sent can be set to every day, once a week, or once a month. If once a week has been selected, you are able to choose which day of the week the email should be sent. If monthly has been select, you will be able to choose which week and which day of the week the email should be sent. If no direct report has received a notification email for the frequency set, no summary email will be sent to the manager.

🚫 Campaigns can be selected to be excluded from Manager Summary Emails. 

✏️ Manager Summary Emails can be personalized in the "Custom Notifications" tab of the Configurations screen. Check out our How To Create Custom Email Notifications article for more information.

💾 Please Note: Don't forget to save changes made in the "Campaigns" tab of the Configurations screen before selecting to edit Manager Email templates!


Check out our What do new Training email notifications look like for users? and How do I remove Training notifications in Campaigns? articles that we think can also be useful. 


If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us!